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Quest Portable Dehumidifiers

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Quest Portable Dehumidifiers

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Remove up to 55 litres of water a day on an ultra low wattage with a Quest Portable Dehumidifier. 

In terms of litres / kW, this is the industry leader. Nothing else comes close.

It's light, compact and comes on wheels. This makes it easy to transport from room to room - whichever one needs it.  As for set up, everything's plug & play.

Any water removed is outputted as RO water - you can reuse it!  

  • Low running costs - (litres / kW)
  • Removes up to 36 litres per day (Quest CDG 74) or 55 litres per day (Quest CDG 114)
  • Light, compact and easy to transport

A dehumidifier like this will transform the quality & weight of your yield! It's highly recommended.

The Tech

The Tech
  Quest CDG 74 Quest CDG 114
Output 36 Litres 55 Litres
Size 53cm x 31cm x 45cm 51cm x 51cm x 85cm
Weight  29kg 47kg


Sizing Up

To pick a dehumidifier, work out how much water plants use a day. 

Plants transpire the same amount of water they absorb. So however much they absorb, is the amount you need to remove with your dehumidifier.  


If you start with 100 litres in your tank, then 24 hours later it's 70 litres, plants have used 30 litres.

So you need to remove 30 litres each day.

A Quest CDG 74 is ideal!

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