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Air Comfort Wireless Indoor Temperature & Humidity Sensor

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SKU: 720790
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Air Comfort Wireless Indoor Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Track up to 32 climates in 1 mobile app - kit your grow rooms out with AirComfortTM Wireless Temperature & Humidity Sensors.

Up to 100 days of data is stored on your sensor, then synced to your app when you're in range.

  • Secure wireless sync (10m Bluetooth range)
  • Connects to any iOS or Android device
  • Battery operated (approx 1 year battery life)

In multi room set-ups, it's a real time-saver! You get an overview of all rooms on one screen.

You also get alerts if your temperature or humidity rises or drops too much. Just choose your sync intervals (5mins - 40mins) and you're away!

Up To 32 Devices In 1 App

In multi-room set ups, this makes life easy.

You see the latest readings for all rooms on one screen. You can then click into them individually for detailed data.

You can label, rename & assign images to each room. At a glance, you'll know which room you're looking at.

Spot Trends, Dips & Spikes

View your data in-app (via day, week or month data graphs). It's easy to spot patterns.

You'll quickly work out when to heat, humidify or extract more air.

Assign Images To Rooms

Take a photo, upload an image or simply choose an in-app icon.

Either way, you'll know which device is in which room at a glance.

Name Rooms Individually

e.g. veg room, flowering room, propagating room. It's easy to identify which device is which.

Secure Wireless Sync

Your AirComfort devices connect via bluetooth to any iOS or Android device - mobile or tablet.

You can download the app straight from the iTunes or Google Play

Up To 100 Days Of Data

In total 4032 separate readings are stored on your AirComfort sensor, meaning that:

  • 5min sync =14 days' data
  • 40min sync = 100 days' data

You can export & save historical data from your AirComfort app.

Stand It Up Or Suspend It

It's great for taking readings at plant level!

It has a flat bottom so stands up by itself, but we recommend suspending it (with cable ties, cord, rope ratchets - anything!)

For best results, keep it out of direct light, and any mist from your humidifier

Battery Operated

You don't need a spare socket - your AirComfort is battery-operated. The battery is included (button cell CR2450) and lasts a year before you need to replace.

Live Alerts & Push Notifications

If your temperature or humidity drift, you get in-app and push notifications.

You can turn notifications on or off.

You get granular control enable or disable on a per-sensor basis.

Minimum & Maximum Readings

Choose a different minimum and maximum reading for each AirComfort sensor.

For separate veg & flowering rooms, it's ideal the temperature and humidity will be different in both

Secure With Firmware Updates

As new updates are released, you get an update letting you know. You can upgrade the firmware on all connected devices.

Plug & Play

The AirComfort temperature and humidity sensor is ready to use straight out the box. It's simple to assemble and connect - no fuss.

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