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Mist Maker Humidifiers

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Increase your humidity without wetting plants! The Mist Maker's light, fine fog is what you need.

It produces water vapour via ultrasonic vibration to increase your humidity.

To use it, you just place it in a bucket or tank, with your water level reaching just above the ceramic plates in your mist maker.

It's quiet, compact and cool running. To prevent overheating, if your water level drops too low, your Mist Maker will switch off.

For best results, point a fan at it so mist is distributed evenly in your grow room.

  • Light, fine fog that doesn't wet plants
  • Overheating protection (auto-off)
  • For best results, use with a Float Valve (you don't have to top up your tank as often)
Number of Lights
Mist Maker 3 Up to 2
Mist Maker 5 Up to 4


To use it, your mist maker sits in a tank or bucket of water. For it to work, your water level needs to be just higher than the ceramic discs of your mist maker.

Unless you want to keep topping up your tank, you will need a Mist Maker Float. You can fill your tank right up, and your mist maker will simply float at the right level until your tank is empty.

  • Mist Maker 3 Float (for Mist Maker 3)
  • Mist Maker 5 Float (for Mist Maker 5)

Don't forget the manufacturer recommends using tap water with the Mist Maker so the water level sensor can function at its best.

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Questions & Answers

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  • Hi, I want to use the Mist Maker 5 in an outdoor water feature. Is this suitable for outdoor use? Also is it a normal sized UK 3 pin plug with a separate transformer (rather than the transformer built into the plug head)? I need a normal size plug to fit into my waterproof plug outlet


    Unfortunately we would not recommend use of this product outdoors.

    Hope this helps


  • Will this work on a gse humidifier - dehumidifier controller ?

    The Mist Maker Humidifiers will work with the GSE Humidifier - Dehumidifier Controller.