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Ora Dehumidifier

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Ora Dehumidifier


Don’t let all your hard work go to waste during the final stages of a crop – protect your precious fruits and flowers from the perils of mould, mildew and disease by installing an Ora 60L Dehumidifier!

This industrious device will remove excess moisture that’s in the air, enabling you to keep humidity down to a desirable level. As much as 60L of water can be processed a day, based on a rate of 2.5L an hour at 80% RH (Relative Humidity). You have the option of letting the Ora Dehumidifier run 24/7 with manual on/off periods, or alternatively consider setting it to stop after reaching a specific target. The choice is yours!

Standout product features:

  • Dimmable digital display for setting the humidity range
  • Automatic restart after power outages at the pre-set humidification
  • 6L tank in the unit means that you don’t have to use the hose
  • 3m hose for draining water into the tank or collection unit
  • Two speed options (can be used as a dryer)
  • Sits on four caster wheels for good mobility
  • Humidity range of 35-80%
  • Coverage area is 60m2


Why is humidity important to plant growth?

Humidity has a significant impact upon plant performance and should be viewed alongside temperature as intertwined factors that help shape the environment in your grow room.

At varying stages of the life cycle, certain ranges of humidity will produce better results from plants than others. For flowering – the business end of a grow – a lower RH (Relative Humidity) is desirable. Excess moisture in the air can be detrimental to the development of fruits, due to the increased risk of mould, mildew and disease. The Ora 60L Dehumidifier helps you prevent such issues from occurring and maintain plant focus on producing high-quality crops with epic yields.


Why use an Ora 60L Dehumidifier over other options?

A smart overall design, easy-to-use, light up controller (only whilst programming and dimmable if required) and large 6L tank plus 3m drainage hose combine to give a great first impression of the Ora 60L Dehumidifier. You can move it around your grow room with minimal fuss thanks to the four wheels featured onboard and be confident that any power outages will see the unit automatically restart afterwards at the previously indicated settings. There’s also a wide humidity range of 35-80% RH for you to operate inside and a large coverage area of up to 60m2.

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