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T5 Propagation Grow Lights

T5 Propagation Grow Lights

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T5 Propagation Grow Light 2-Tube

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T5 Propagation Grow Light 4-Tube

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T5 Propagation Grow Light 8-Tube

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 Got cuttings, seedlings or a mother plant? You need an EnviroGRO Lumii T5 Propagation Grow Light.

They’re low power, fluorescent lights that emit hardly any heat – just what you need to kickstart growth without overpowering plants.

You’ll find them lightweight and easy to fit. Each light comes with a power cord and suspension cables. The rest is plug and play

Low power & cheap to run
Hardly any heat produced
• Even spread of light
• Lightweight & easy to fit
On/Off switches
Power cord & suspension cables included
Plug & play installation
• Up to 4,000 (2-Tube), 16,400 (4-Tube) or 32,800 (8-Tube) lumens
Replacement lamps available (T5 Lamps)

Choose the 2-tube (48W) 4-tube (216W) or 8-tube (432W) light – whichever best suits your tent.


The Tech

T5 Propagation Grow Light 2-Tube

• Weight: 4kg
• Wattage: 48W
• Lumens: 4,000
• Dimensions: 61cm x 22cm (Lx W)

T5 Propagation Grow Light 4-Tube

• Weight: 8kg
• Wattage: 216W
• Lumens: 16,000
• Dimensions: 122cm x 38cm (Lx W)

T5 Propagation Grow Light 8-Tube

• Weight: 12kg
• Wattage: 432W
• Lumens: 32,800
• Dimensions: 122cm x 70cm (Lx W)

How to Use

• Remove from box and remove protective foam and any protective film
• Remove the protective metal lamp end covers by undoing the fixing screws
• Attach the tubes to the fixture
• Reattach the protective metal lamp end covers
• Position your unit 20cm – 40cm away from your plant, depending on its size
• Always use a soft, clean cloth when handling so that you don’t mark your bulbs

Q & A

Questions and Answers (13)

can i hang the t5 two tube in the window above my plants on windowsill
The 2 tube T5 Propagation Grow Light can be hung using a pair of Exolux Ezi-Roll Light Hangers, & 2 ceiling hook plates or screw hooks.

Written by Bob | 7 Dec 2014

Hi Could you please tell me if it is possible to buy the T5 with daylight tubes, I.e full spectrum for the two tube T5.
The T5 Propagation Grow lights are supplied with full spectrum daylight tubes. We also sell replacement daylight tubes for these units.

Written by Lynn Kettle | 8 Feb 2014

I would like to have more information about this product...Does it include the T5? How many watts does it provide (the smallest one)? Thank you
These units are supplied with T5 lamps. The 2 Tube is rated @ 48 Watts, the 4 tube unit is rated @ 216 Watts, the 8 tube is 432 Watts.

Written by m | 12 Jan 2014