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Bright-Wing Mother Clone Lights

Bright-Wing Mother Clone Lights

from £79.95

2-Tube Bright-Wing

Code: 909


4-Tube Bright-Wing

Code: 1500


These are so good it's hard to imagine a grow room without one! Use your Bright-Wing to keep mother plants for cloning, root clones (or raise seedlings) and grow young plants up to 60cm in height ready for moving into a flowering/fruiting room.

The 2-Tube Bright-Wing produces 8,100 lumens from only 110 Watts of electricity, measures 38cm x 58cm and will cover an area of 100cm x 100cm.

The 4-Tube Bright-Wing produces 19,200 lumens from only 220 Watts, measures 47cm x 58cm and will cover an area of 120cm x 120cm.

For top results we recommend replacing the fluorescent tubes every 6-9 months.

Q & A

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hi would the 2-Tube Exolux Bright-Wing do the job in the clone station or would i have to use another light system ..thanx
The 2 Tube Bright Wing will work well in the clone station.

Written by DP | 16 Dec 2012