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Garland Work Trays

Garland Work Trays

from £4.95

Small Garland Work Tray (58cm x 40cm)

Code: 1480


Square Garland Work Tray (60cm x 60cm)

Code: 793


Jumbo Garland Work Tray (117cm x 40cm)

Code: 1481


Giant Garland Work Tray (120cm x 55cm)

Code: 1491


Metre Square Garland Work Tray (100cm x 100cm)

Code: 5871


1.2 Metre Square Garland Tray (120cm x 120cm)

Code: 1482


Make growing less messy - use Garland Work Trays.

You place them under pots to catch spills, run-off and media. When potting up they’re a must.

In winter, they help protect plants from your cold grow room floor.

For such a low cost, they’re super handy. Anyone growing in pots should use them!

• Garland work trays - 6 sizes available
Catch spills, run-off, media & mess
Protect grow room floor
• Create a barrier between pots and cold floor in winter

Q & A

Questions and Answers (5)

Hi, How deep are the 117*40 tray's (product code 1481)
The Jumbo Garland Work Tray is 5.5cm deep.

Written by craig | 24 Mar 2014

How deep are the small trays?
The small Garland Work Tray is 5cm deep.

Written by Leon | 20 Jan 2014

Would a 1.2 meter garland tray fit inside a budbox XL being as its 1.2m aswell, was thinking it may be just a fraction too big
You would just about be able to get the 1.2m Garland Work Tray into this tent, but it would be quite hard to close the tent. The best bet would be to use 3 of the Jumbo Garland Trays, or a 1 metre square one.

Written by OD | 30 Oct 2012