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ALIEN EasyFeed System

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SKU: 125947
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Pot Capacity

This growing system needs to be ordered from our supplier so please allow a few extra days for it to arrive with you.

High-Performance, Gravity-Fed Grow Systems

Cut running costs and slash time spent feeding plants - grab an ALIEN EasyFeed System.

They’re gravity-fed - like AutoPots - only you get to time feeds using a battery-powered EasyFeed Timer

  • Gravity Fed (no water pump)
  • Timed feeds (battery powered)
  • EasyFeed Timer
  • Fabric pots to ‘air prune’ roots
  • No blockages - 16mm (external) / 13mm (internal) feed pipe
  • Includes FlexiTank reservoir (50-litre for 4-pot kits and 225 litre for 12-pot kits)

Gravity fed

Feed reaches pot via gravity - no air pump, water pump or electrical outlet is needed. So you can use an ALIEN EasyFeed System indoors, outdoors - wherever there’s space.

No clogging - 16mm feed pipe

To prevent clogging, 16mm feed pipe (extenal) is used instead of standard 4mm pipe. This keeps feed flowing freely and prevents clogging.

Breathable fabric pots - strong, dense root ball

To enhance rooting, ‘breathable’ fabric pots are used. As roots grow outwards towards the edge of pots, they eventually hit air, which stops forward growth, forcing roots to grow secondary and tertiary roots.

Overall you get a denser root network with more root tips for nutrient and water uptake. 

Timed feeds - precise dry spells

Other gravity-fed systems are topped up as soon as nutrient depletes.

In this system, you time your feeds to get guaranteed, concise dry spells of up to 1 week.

Dry spells like this combat fungus gnats and Pythium, which thrive in constantly wet rootzones. You also re-oxygenate your rootzone with every dry period. Like with flood & drain, refilling empty trays traps oxygen. An oxygen-rich rootzone helps fight pathogens, increase uptake & prevent nasty anaerobic pockets forming.

You can choose to feed hourly, daily, every 2 days, every 3 days or weekly. Your timer is battery-powered so you get tight control of your feeding schedule with no power supply needed.

Supplied with FlexiTank reservoir

FlexiTank water butts are much easier to transport than regular tanks, which take up lots of space, making them cumbersome and difficult to ship, whereas FlexiTanks fold down to just a fraction of their constructed size.

All 4-pot systems come with 50 litre FlexiTanks.
All 12-pot systems come with 225 litre FlexiTanks.

Modular & expandable

You can fill each pot a different amount - just adjust the float valve in each tray to set your fill level. You can easily add extra pots as you scale up your grow. Pipe also comes uncut so you can choose any configuration you want. 

Kit Contains

  • Trays

  • Lids
  • Pots
  • FlexiTank (50-litre for 4-pot kits and 225 litre for 12-pot kits)
  • Floats
  • Hose Tails
  • Tee's
  • Elbow's
  • Pipe
  • Water Timer
  • Filter
  • Spanner
  • Instructions

Spares Parts Available

EasyFeed Water Timer

EasyFeed Fabric Pots

EasyFeed Trays and Spares

EasyFeed Fittings

EasyFeed Pipe 13mm (16mm external)

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