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Rock Your Roots This Summer

Rock Your Roots This Summer

Alex Grady

Don’t let the weather ruin your roots. Here’s how you keep them healthy in summer.

1. Use Silver Bullet Roots

It’s the best, safest and cheapest way to get white, healthy roots in summer.

It’s a hydrogen peroxide product that kills 99.99% of all root diseases – that’s Pythium, fusarium, algae, biofilm…you name it!

It costs 55% less to use Silver Bullet Roots than Oxy-Plus 11.9% - we did the maths! The reason is simple – Silver Bullet Roots is so good that you use way less of it. A small dose per tank change is all you need.

Unlike other hydrogen peroxide products, Silver Buller contains silver ions.

These ions break down bacteria’s protective catylase layer so that the hydrogen peroxide can get to work sooner. It also keeps the hydrogen peroxide active for longer.

In short, this means it’s better, it lasts longer and is cheaper to use.

2. Watch Your Nutrient Temperature

To keep your roots free of diseases, keep your nutrient solution to 18 – 21oC .

Any warmer than 21oC and your oxygen levels drop. When this happens, nutrient uptake slows.

Worse yet, diseases like Pythium can quickly take hold. The minute that happens, you’re in for it.

To stay inside the safe range, use a nutrient chiller to cool feed in your tank. RhizoLine pipe will also help stop feed warming as it travels to pots.

To stop feed inside black pots and tanks from warming, wrap reflective sheeting (white or silver side up) around them to reflect light and heat.

3. Keep Your Oxygen Levels High (in Hydro)

For white, healthy roots that absorb nutrients quicker, keep your oxygen levels high.

The best way to do this is with airstones - one airstone per bubbler should do the trick.

Just make sure you don’t use any organic or biologically active nutrients when aerating your feed.

Mixed with oxygen anything organic get very sticky – they really ferment and foam. Your nutrient becomes one gunky mess that:

  • Blocks pipes
  • Clogs up pumps
  • Anihilates air stones.

It’s not pretty. Stay safe and use a mineral nutrient (like the SHOGUN range).

4. Use Root Boosters

During summer, when good rooting is trickiest, roots need all the help they can get. You need a good root booster.

Our bestselling one is SHOGUN Katana Roots. You could also consider using Canna Rhizotonic.

If you’re growing organically, go for Mykos or Ecothrive Biosys. Both colonize the root zone with good bacteria that keep roots healthy.

5. Use Hygrozyme

Hygrozyme is a really great plant enzyme.

To speed up rooting and make room for new roots, this stuff breaks down old root mass.

With the dead roots that pathogens normally thrive gone, it's harder for root diseases to take hold.

Hygrozyme is free of bacteria and has an unlimited shelf life. If you like to reuse your media, this stuff is great.

6. USE SHOGUN Silicon

At a time when pathogens are a threat, SHOGUN Silicon is a must.

It strengthens all parts of your plants - that includes roots. Use this stuff regularly to help ward off root diseases.

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