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SHOGUN Silicon

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Build plant defences with SHOGUN Silicon - it toughens cell walls. Plants develop thicker stems & branches that support a heavier yield.

Plants fight off pests & diseases better and cope with heat & stress.

  • Strengthens roots, stems, leaves & branches
  • Builds pest, disease & stress resistance
  • Amazing value (1ml/L dilution rate)

You can tweak your pH less – Silicon buffers pH. No wonder so many growers call it 'part c' of their feed.

What Is Silicon?

It’s a natural element - you find it in sand (as silicate dioxide). 

Within 24hrs of absorbing it, plants deposit it (in cells or between cells). It then cements in place - so cell walls become thicker & stronger.


How To Use

Veg & Flowering
Foliar Spray
5ml/L (pH must be 5 - 7 or the solution can physically harm the plant)
  • Add your silicon to water, mix well, reduce your pH to just below 7
  • Lastly, add your base nutrients.

In soil: only add as a foliar spray as soil already contains some silicon
In hydro/coco: apply as a root reed with an occassional foliar spray

For best results, feed little and often.

Strengthen Roots, Stems, Leaves & Branches

All areas of your plant become thicker and stronger. 

Prevents Wind Damage

Stems strengthen so that plants are less likely to snap or topple over when hit by harsh air streams from air circulation fans.

Strengthens Cuttings & Seedlings

Toughen cuttings and seedlings from day 1 by applying silicon as a foliar spray. 

Increases Photosynthesis

Plants produce thicker, lusher leaves so plants can absorb more of the sunlight & CO2 needed for photosynthesis.

Prevents Nutrient Deficiencies & Toxicity

Silicon encourages plants to absorb nutrients that are tough to uptake (zinc, calcium & nitrogen). It also balances the uptake of phosphorus to prevent toxicity.

Helps Support A Bigger Yield

Stems and branches are much stronger - they can support a bigger, heavier yield.

Boosts Heat, Humidity & Stress Resistance

With silicon strengthening plant walls, plants lose less water through transpiration. This means they can cope with high heat, humidity & other extremes - like lack of water.

Increases Disease & Pest Resistance

Plants develop a strong outer coating so bugs & diseases can't take hold. When under attack, plants can direct fresh supplies of silicon to vulnerable areas. 

Mixing Liquid Silicon

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