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Hailea Nutrient Chillers

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Hailea HC-100A Nutrient Chiller Code: 1792
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Hailea HC-500A Nutrient Chiller Code: 5361
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Cool your nutrient solution quickly with a Hailea Nutrient Chiller. It's like a mini-fridge!

Feed is pumped into your chiller, cooled, then pumped back out again. Nothing else works as well.

  • Cools quickly - like a mini fridge
  • Robust - buy one now & use it for years
  • NOTE: Extra pump & pipework needed

If you've got a hydro system or a nutrient tank, this is just what you need.

Prevents Algae, Pythium & Root Diseases

With a cool feed, oxygen levels stay high and nutrient diseases can't survive. You'll also reduce the risk of algae, which thrives in a warm feed.

Tough & Reliable

Each chiller has a tough metal case and an anti-corrosive evaporator made from pure titanium

Auto Shut Downs

To protect your motor, your chiller will shut off the circuit if ever it overloads.

Accurate Thermostat

The thermostat is ultra precise so you can reach your target nutrient temperature.

Easy To Use

The display's easy to read and everything's controlled with just 3 x buttons.

Why Use A Nutrient Chiller?

If your nutrient solution is too warm,

  • Oxygen levels drop 
  • Root growth suffers
  • Nasty root diseases can take hold

To make matters worth, algae thrives in warmer nutrient solutions - when you get algae, your oxygen level will drop further. 

At the right temperatre (18oC - 21oC)

  • Oxygen levels stays high
  • Nutrient uptake is high
  • Algae, Pythium & Root diseases are less of a threat


How To Use

Suitable for
HC-100A  4 - 8 Pot R-DWC; 4 x 40L Rush; 6 Pot IWS Flood; NFT Gro Tank 604, 901 or 1000
HC-500A 12 - 24 Pot R-DWC; 24 x 40L Rush; 36 - 48 Pot IWS Flood
HC2200A 2 - 24 Pot R-DWC; up to 20 x 40L or 24 x 60L Rush; 26 - 48 Pot IWS Flood

To chill an IWS R-DWC or RUSH System, you can simply chill the water in your brain:

Chilling diagramChilling diagram
Chilling diagramsChilling diagrams

To chill any tank, Gro-Tank or MultiDuct, chill the water in your tank

Since Hailea Nutrient Chillers are mini refrigerators, they do emit a little heat. Point an air circulator fan at your heater to counter this.

We recommend placing an inline valve & filter between the flow pump and the inlet of the chiller. This way you can change the flow rate and collect particles.

Don't stack multiples on top of each other.

The Tech

If you’re torn between two models, always over-spec to be safe.

Current 0.6A
Water Refrigerated 50 - 220L
Water Flow Needed (L/Hr) 200 - 1000L/Hr
Recommended Water Pump MJ 1000
Recommended Pipe 13mm
Current 2.4A (4.4A)
Water Refrigerated 200L - 1200L
Water Flow Needed (L/Hr) 1200 - 3000L/Hr
Recommended Water Pump Sicce Extrema 800 or  Sicce Suprema 1200
Recommended Pipe 19mm
Current 7A
Water Refrigerated 2000L
Water Flow Needed (L/Hr) 3000L - 6000L/Hr
Recommended Water Pump Professional Pump AQ7000 - 7000 Litres/hour
Recommended Pipe 25mm

Why Use a Chiller?

If your solution is too warm...

Your oxygen level won’t be as high. This alone  can be detrimental to your yields:

- Root growth suffers (you’re also at a greater risk of root rot)
- Plants won’t absorb as many nutrients
- Overall growth slows

To lower your oxygen level further, algae thrives in warmer nutrient solutions.

Worse yet, when your oxygen level drops, diseases such as Pythium can quickly take hold.

It’s why people use Oxy-Plus 11.5% to sterilise their equipment between grows.

At the right temperature

For maximum growth & healthy plants, keep your nutrient solution to 18oC - 21oC. At this temperature:

• Your oxygen level is high
• Nutrient uptake is high
• Algae, Pythium and diseases are less of a threat
• Plants won’t be shocked by the cold

Overall, growth (and your final yield) will be bigger. In a hydro system, using a chiller is a must.


Basic Chiller Usage

• Position outside the grow room/grow tent where possible - they are mini refrigerators so do generate heat.
• Position the chiller in well ventilated location at least 40cm away from walls on either side.
• Correctly spec the chiller for the volume of water being treated. The bigger the spec over the water volume the less time the chiller will run.
• Correctly spec the water pump to feed the chiller. The rate of water flow through the unit is important.
• Use the correct size pipe work and an inline filter on the water feed line to remove any particles or debris.
• Clean the chiller after every crop!

Basic Chiller Usage – Low reservoir (NFT/RDWC/RUSH)

1) Place the Hailea Nutrient Chiller somewhere well ventilated, if possible outside of the actual grow room.
2) Locate the chiller input pump at the end of your tank that is nearest to where you have positioned the chiller for NFT. In a RDWC or RUSH you can put the pump in the brain unit.
3) Run a piece of Iceline from the outlet of the pump to the inlet of the Hailea Nutrient Chiller.
4) Run a piece of Iceline from the outlet of the chiller to the furthest away end of your tank (NFT), ensuring that it is submerged. In a RDWC or RUSH system you can simply chill the brain unit, as the water flow is quick enough to circulate around all the pots fast.
5) Set up an air circulator fan near to the chiller to avoid heat build up.

Basic Chiller Usage – Tall tank / Water Butt

1) Place the chiller somewhere well ventilated, if possible outside of the actual grow room.
2) Position the pump at the bottom of the tank.
3) Ideally, position the Hailea Chiller above the tank. If not possible you can position on the floor but it will reduce the pump flow rate.
4) Run a piece of Iceline from the outlet of the pump to the inlet of the chiller
5) Run a piece of Iceline from the outlet of the chiller to the top of the tank, ensuring that it is submerged
6) Set up an Air Circulator fan near to the chiller to avoid heat build up.

Cleaning a Chiller

It’s VERY IMPORTANT to clean your Hailea Nutrient Chillers after every crop to remove mineral deposits and lime scale.
1. Fill chiller with clear pickling vinegar
2. Leave for 24 hours
3. Flush with water


Make sure the back of your chiller isn’t directly facing your plants – like any refrigerator, they do emit some heat.

If using DWC systems where water is in the system for long periods of, you need to set your temperature a few degrees lower than the required system temperature.



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