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Canna Rhizotonic

Canna Rhizotonic

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Get rapid rooting & relieve plant stress with Canna Rhizotonic – it works wonders when you're propagating, transplanting & repotting.

What is it? A 100% natural, algae based root booster that’s teeming with over 60 microbiological substances – giving plants a balanced rooting environment!

Expect faster growing, vigorous roots – Rhizotonic contains vitamins B1 & B2, and the root strengthening hormone (Oligosaccharide). Your plants will end up being stronger and healthier, too! Spray it on cuttings to relieve stress and boost success rates, too!

Use it in hard or soft water, in any growing media, as a nutrient solution or foliar spray.

Root booster – strong, white, faster growing roots
100% natural, algae based
Over 60 microbiological ingredients
• Creates balanced rooting environment
Eases plant stress (superb for cuttings & seedlings)
• Excellent during propagating, transplanting & repotting
Speed up germination (when you soak your seeds in it)
• For hard and soft water
• Can be used with all growing media & in hydro systems
• Use it as a nutrient solution or foliar spray
• Bestseller - trusted by growers worldwide
• NPK ratio: 0.6 : 0.2 : 0.6

The Science

Canna Rhizotonic is a balanced blend of over 60 microbiological ingredients that create a balanced rooting environment.

Specifically, Rhizotonic contains the root stimulating vitamins B1 and B2, and the root strengthening hormone, Oligosaccharide.

With bigger, healthier roots, your plants will able to absorb more nutrients and support larger plants. Overall, your plants will be stronger and healthier. During propagation, when plants are most vulnerable, this is crucial!

Rhizotonic’s a great feed to use whenever you want to strengthen roots, initiate rooting or boost plant health.

A lot of growers use Rhizotonic as a foliar spray to boost cutting success rates. Soak your seeds in Rhizotonic and you’ll soften them up, making it easier seeds to germinate.


Q & A

Questions and Answers (1)

What or how is the best way to use Rhizotonic for cuttings? Do you have to use in conjuction with canna start. Can rhizotonic be used only diluted in water without the canna start?
For optimum results, I would recommend using both Rhizotonic & Canna Start together, but Rhizotonic can be used on it's own, & applied either as a foliar spray, or a root feed.

Written by SM | 8 Aug 2012