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Canna Aqua Feed Chart

Canna Aqua Feed Chart

Alex Grady

Tips on using Canna Aqua

The above feeding schedule should be used as a guide only. You should look for signals from your plant as to whether more or less feed is required. Environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity should also be taken into consideration.

When using recirculating hydroponic systems:

  • Check the pH daily. The ideal range is 5.5-6.5.
  • Check the conductivity daily. If it’s constantly rising add more water and reduce the overall CF. If it’s falling it is a sign the plant is hungry, and you need to increase the CF. In ideal conditions the CF should be stable as the water is used up.
  • When using recirculating hydroponic systems ensure that you keep the system topped up to its maximum volume. This will minimise quick changes in pH and conductivity.
  • Completely change out the nutrient solution every 1-2 weeks, or once you have added into the reservoir the same volume of water as the maximum system volume.
  • Nutrient solution temperature is very important. If it’s below 16oC or above 22oC, you will need to use a water heater or a chiller.

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