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Canna PK 13/14

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Canna PK 13/14 — The UK's Best-Selling PK Booster

Canna PK 13/14 is a potent, high-grade phosphorus and potassium additive that aids in the development of abundant floral growth.

  • Accelerates development during the bloom phase
  • Produces bigger and better fruits and flowers, for bigger overall yields
  • Intensifies flavours and aromas
  • Teams up nicely with Canna Boost Accelerator
  • Increases sugar production and storage
  • Sometime used in low doses early on to stimulate flowering phase
  • Works perfectly with almost any growing medium or grow system — soil, coco or hydro

A Powerful Source of Phosphorus and Potassium

Phosphorus has a big impact on plants' metabolisms, as it is a key component of ATP and heavily involved in energy transfer. ATP is needed for an array of processes, like photosynthesis, respiration and cell division. Adding in extra phosphorus, therefore, promotes healthy cell development; healthy individual cells create vibrant plants with faster growth rates and bigger yields. Phosphorus also helps to maintain healthy roots, which in turn maximises the effectiveness of your other nutrients.

Potassium plays a key role in water uptake and regulation, affecting the opening and closing of stomata. It also plays a key role in photosynthesis and protein synthesis while acting as a cofactor for dozens of essential enzymatic processes. Potassium also helps to regulate the storage of sugars, increasing BRIX levels. This helps to produce a tasty end-product with intense flavours and aromas.

How to Get the Best Out of PK 13/14

Add it three weeks from harvest (typically around week five) and watch fruit sizes and yields go through the roof!

Some growers use it around week two or three of the flowering phase at reduced dosages to help stimulate the flowering phase.

Add it to your reservoir alongside your Canna base nutrients and other additives. The manufacturer's recommended dilution rates are as follows (per litre of water):

Cutting/Seedling: N/A
Vegetative Stage: N/A
Flowering Stage: 1.5mls

For a more comprehensive guide on the advised application rates of this product, view the feed charts in the 'Downloads' tab or give us a call on 0333 003 22 96.

NPK ratio: 0:13:14

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Questions & Answers

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  • Hi I was wondering do I use canna A & B and canna boost in conjunction with the pk 13-14 for the flowering weeks 5,6,7 or just the pk 13-14 on its own

    You would use the Canna PK 13-14 in conjunction with the boost & your base nutrients. It is best to add the PK 13-14 & Boost to your solution first, then top up to your target strength with your base nutrients.

  • i drop the coco canna A+B nutes while using PK13/14 and Calmag bloom Thanks

    it’s generally a good idea to do this, we advise people to use additives such as PK first, then bring the solution up to your target strength with the base nutrients.

  • i am coming up to 5th week of flowering all is going well but not sure of best way to use canna pk 13/14 hear different things some say add only once some say add for 3 weeks some charts say keep feed strength at 30-35 mil per 10 litres while using pk 13/14 some say drop the feed strength to about 20, do not want to damage plants with overfeeding i am currently using around 30-35 mil canna aqua flores a and b with 40 ml boost 25 mil cannazym how much pk 13/14 should i use and for how long

    We would advise using Canna PK 13/14 @ 5-15ml per 10 litre during weeks 5, 6, & 7 of flowering.

  • Would it be possible to use pk13/14 through out the whole of bloom cycle

    We would advise using PK13/14 during weeks 5,6, & 7 of your flowering phase.

  • Hi, can PK13/14 be used in soil? If so, what is the recommended feed schedule, please? I'm growing in Bio Bizz All Mix and using Bio Bizz nutes. Thank you.

    It is possible to use PK 13/14 in soil, but is is not certified as organic. I would use it in weeks 5-7 of flowering, @ 5ml per 10 litres of nutrient.

  • Can Cana PK13-14 be use in soil?

    Canna PK 13/14 can be used in soil, but it is not a certified organic product.

  • Do you use this product in weeks 5,6,7 of plants that take 8 weeks to flower as well as plants that take 12 weeks to flower?

    If you are growing plants that are on a 12 week flower cycle, you would follow the week 5 feed schedule for an additional 3 weeks.

  • I understand that with the PK 13/14 you are to use it 3 weeks before harvesting but when you say once do you literally mean only once? Is this correct or do you use PK 13/14 once a week for 3 weeks?

    You would use PK 13/14 during weeks 5, 6 &7 of flowering at 0.5-1.5 ml per litre.

  • hi guys, thanks for taking the time, can you please tell me how to use canna pk 13/14 as i am getting confused with the dosage info, i am growing with the amazon 32 and it usually has 30 litres of water at all times it is around another 2wks until ready for the pk, thanks for that. here is another one for you. my plants in the amazon are now around 2ft tall at this stage and just starting to show flower but they are all over the place certainly not standing up proud like they should but really good looking plants,when i was growing in soil there was no problem when they got heavy i just tied a cane to them and they did good but am a lot concerned about how to keep them upright and as you can imagine when the plants are leaning over so much the nutrient solution is escaping out of there small pots. anyway thanks a lot for your assistance with this and look forward to hearing from you. thank you and all the best.

    We would recommend using the PK13/14 in weeks 5, 6 & 7 of flowering at 0.5 - 1.5 ml per litre. With regards to your plants leaning in the Amazon system, we would recommend using yo yo plant supports and/or crop support netting. If used correctly, these support devices can take some of the weight of the plants which will struggle to naturally support themselves in a minimal media system such as the amazon.