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Systemair Revolution Vector Silenced V2 EC Fans

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SKU: 730135
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Silenced Vector EC V2 Grow Room Fans

Ready for huge airflows with next level silencing? The mightily popular Revolution Vector Silenced EC Fan has been evolved to incorporate even better acoustic design, further cementing its position at the top of the pile as the best silenced fan on the market. By utilising next generation frictionless fan motors, each model pushes the boundaries to achieve gargantuan amounts of air movement in the most efficient and quiet way possible!

  • Ultra-powerful frictionless EC motors - no air leaks
  • Quiet - with no rattling or vibrating at any speed
  • Cheap to run - 50% less expensive than standard fans

Note: you will need to purchase a G.A.S EC Fan Male-Male Lead (SKU: 4565) to connect one of these fans to a G.A.S Enviro Controller or G.A.S EC Controller (a lead is included with the latter controller). To connect 2x of these fans to one of the aforementioned controllers, you will also need another Male-Male Lead and a G.A.S EC Fan Y-Splitter Connector (SKU: 4564). You will need to purchase a G.A.S EC Fan Active Cable (SKU: 3624) to connect one of these fans to a G.A.S Thermostatic Speed Controller (EC1) or G.A.S EC Speed Controller (ECSP) - and one is supplied with each of the controllers.

What's An EC Fan?

EC fans feature a cutting-edge EC motor, which combines AC & DC voltages to create a quiet, powerful fan that uses less energy and is easy to control. These frictionless motors provide the lowest sound output of any fan motor type, and when combined with the new Revolution Vector acoustic foam housing, have no equal or close comparison for high volume, high pressure, low noise air movement!

Cheap To Run

EC fans are much cheaper to run - the slower the speed, the bigger the saving.
Why? Well, EC fans use less power at slower speeds, unlike AC fans, which always run at full power. When an EC fan is run at 60%, it will use 60% of the power whereas a traditional AC fan like an RVK will still use just as much power whatever the speed.

You can expect to save more than 50% on running costs if you operate an EC fan alongside a G.A.S Controller, because the constant speed adjustments (down from 100%) reduce power consumption in relation to fan speed.

Crazy Airflow

The motor has the ability to move masses of air without losing any pressure, and due to the innovative motor design, pressure losses caused by carbon filters, long ducting lengths, etc. are kept to a minimum and pose no issues.

Impressively Quiet

The body of each unit largely consists of a newly designed foam housing that’s completely airtight. It won’t absorb moisture or dust and provides a huge sound suppressing effect around the fully enclosed fan motor.

No Heat Problems

To prevent heat problems, the motor comes with in-built overheating protection and the body is made from a unique composite material.

No Vibrating

The impeller is balanced to reduce vibrations. The outer casing has a rubber sealing flange so there are no rattling sounds after installation.

Easy Installation

Every fan includes hanging brackets. For complete acoustic control, we recommend partnering up these products with the appropriate sized AIROS ducting.

How To Use

All fans MUST be connected to an appropriate EC fan controller, which relies on 0-10v control signals to precisely manage the fan speed and extraction rate. A number of different options exist here, determined by the advanced nature and complexity of your overall setup.

You have a wide choice of speed only controllers and temperature-driven controllers. There is also a range of splitter leads, allowing you to control multiple fans from one signal lead. Due to the many ways you can configure an EC fan extraction system and controller, we would encourage you to check out the recommended products below. Our experts in-store, over the phone and through webchat will also always be available for a chat if you need any further guidance.

G.A.S Speed Controller (ECSP)G.A.S Speed Controller (ECSP)

G.A.S Speed Controller (ECSP)

  • Basic EC fan control for 1x intake and 1x extraction fan.
  • The cheapest control option.
  • Gets its power from the fan via an active cable.
  • Read more here
G.A.S Thermostatic Speed Controller (EC1)G.A.S Thermostatic Speed Controller (EC1)

G.A.S Thermostatic Speed Controller (EC1)

  • Temperature driven fan management.
  • Speeds increase and decrease according to your oC targets.
  • Can run 1x intake and 1x extraction fan if a Y-Splitter Cable is used (extra active cable required).
  • Read more here
G.A.S Enviro Controller - V2G.A.S Enviro Controller - V2

G.A.S Enviro Controller - V2

  • Control both EC and AC intake and extraction fans with speed controls based on temperature and humidity.
  • Additional outlets to control heaters and humidifiers
  • The true professional’s choice.
  • Read more here

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