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G.A.S Speed Controller (ECSP)

G.A.S Speed Controller (ECSP)

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G.A.S Speed Controller (ECSP)

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Run an intake & outtake EC fan at different speeds with 1 controller! The G.A.S EC Speed Controller. 

No power supply is needed - your controller's powered directly by your fans. 

  • Plug & Play - no power supply needed!
  • Run 1 x intake, 1 x outtake fan (at separate speeds)
  • Connects to EC Rev Vector, EC Silenced Rev Vector (1 x Active Cable to connect 1 fan is included)


You connect fans with active cables.

Your controller already comes with 1 active cable. To connect to 2 x fans, you need an extra active cable.

Negative Pressure

Are your intake fans and outtake fans the same size? If you try to run them at the same speed, your tent can overfill with air. Unfiltered air (and odours) will start seeping out of corners and zips. 

To stop this happening, make sure you always extract more air than you draw in -run intake fans at a slower speed (around 20% slower).

A controller like this will let you do just that. 

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