G.A.S Thermostatic Speed Controller (EC1)

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G.A.S Thermostatic Speed Controller (EC1)


Got EC Fans? Get temperature control on a budget with a G.A.S EC1 Thermostatic Speed Controller! 

Fans speed up or slow down according to your grow room temperature.

No power supply is needed - your controller's powered by fans via an active cable (included)

Simply connect your controller & place your temperature probe. Then set your temperature, minimum speed & maximum speed. Your controller does the rest!

  • Connects to EC Rev VectorSilenced EC Rev Vector (with white active cable)
  • No power supply needed (powered by fans!)
  • Plug & Play (active cable included) 
  • Maximum fan speed (to reduce noise)
  • Minimum fan speed (for odour, CO& humidity control)
  • LED alert (when maximum temperature has been surpassed)

Connecting Controller

Connect your controller to your fan via the active cable supplied.

Place your temperature sensor in the middle of your room.

Setting Up

Your controller's plug & play! Everything's controlled with just 3 dials.

Temperature Dial

This is the maximum temperature you want your room to be.

Your bandwidth is always 2oC - your controller will ramp up your fan speeds 2oC before your maximum temperature is reached. 

Min Fan Speed

This is the minimum speed fans need to run at for CO2, odour & humidity control. This'll probably be 10% - 30% for most people, but may be even more, depending on how much air you draw in.

Max Fan Speed

This is the maximum fan speed - this is mostly there to keep fans running quieter.

Temperature LED

This lights up when your actual grow room temperature is higher than your temperature setting.

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