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VitaLink Earth MAX Nutrients

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VitaLink Earth MAX Grow - 1 Litre Code: 1435
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VitaLink Earth MAX Grow - 5 Litres Code: 1436
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VitaLink Earth MAX Bloom - 1 Litre Code: 1437
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VitaLink Earth MAX Bloom - 5 Litres Code: 1438
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If you want to grow in soil but with the best possible yields, then a high quality mineral feed like VitaLink Earth MAX is the ideal solution. Providing nutrients in a plant ready form means that this product can spur on faster growing and higher yielding plants than those grown using strictly organic feeds. It contains the full spectrum of macro and micro nutrients needed for optimum growth as well as additional beneficial soil bacteria. Dilution rate: use the grow feed at 1-2ml per litre for young plants and 3-4ml per litre for mature plants, and use the bloom feed at 3-4ml per litre.

- Mineral-based soil nutrient with added fulvic acid

- Perfect for both hand watered and actively irrigated systems

- Encourages the strong and healthy development of soil grown plants

- Scientifically proven to promote fast growth rates and large yields

- Available in separate grow and bloom formulations



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