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Advanced Nutrients Sensi Coco Bloom A&B

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Advanced Nutrients Sensi Coco Bloom A&B

Provide your crop with the complete package it needs to produce abundant, stunning flowers brimming with high-value compounds and essential oils. While most nutrients designed for coco cultivation focus on supplementing calcium and magnesium, they often overlook a third vital ingredient: iron. Extensive research and development have led us to formulate pH Perfect® Sensi Coco Bloom, which incorporates multiple chelated forms of iron alongside chelated calcium and magnesium. With the optimal ratios of these crucial nutrients, your plants have the potential to reward you with weighty, potent flowers.

The critical ratios of calcium, magnesium, and iron play a key role in preventing nutrient lockout, ensuring uninterrupted nutrient uptake by the plants. Our ground breaking pH Perfect® Technology liberates growers from the need for pH pens and meters, providing consistent and ideal pH levels automatically. The super-absorptive chelation present in the formula promotes optimal nutrient absorption, maximizing the plants' ability to utilize the provided nutrients effectively.

The manufacturer's recommended dilution rates are as follows (per litre of water):

Cutting/Seedling: N/A
Vegetative Stage: N/A
Flowering Stage: 4mls

NPK ratio part A: 4 - 0 - 0

NPK ratio part B: 0 - 4 - 5

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