Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller

Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller

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Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller with Remote Sensor

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Get precise CO2 control with a Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller. 

You can adjust the output from 400ppm - 2000ppm.  To prevent CO2 waste, dosing is restricted to lights-on, when plants use CO2.

You can use it with bottled CO2 or propane gas

  • Controls CO2 output (from 400ppm - 2000ppm)
  • Use it with bottled CO2 or propane gas
  • Day & night mode
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty

Easy Operation Easy Operation

Easy Operation

To get  started it's pretty much plug and play.


Day and Night mode Day and Night mode

Day & night mode

To prevent CO2 waste, dosing only happens during lights-on. This is when plants use CO2.


Self-calbrating CO2 sensor Self-calbrating CO2 sensor

Self-calbrating CO2 sensor

You won't have to calibrator yourself , but we recommend doing so once a year anyway. 

PPM up / Fuzzy logic PPM down PPM up / Fuzzy logic PPM down

PPM up / Fuzzy logic PPM down

This doses with CO2 in shorter bursts. If using a CO2 bottle this stops the regulator getting too cold (if the regulator gets too cold, it can stay open). 



Digital display Digital display

Digital display

It's easy to check your settings it a glance.

CO2 disable mode CO2 disable mode

CO2 disable mode

You can connect your controller to an extractor fan. During the night to bring your CO2 level down, air is extracted. In closed loop rooms where air isn't typically extracted, it's ideal. 


Why Add CO2?

Plants use CO2 for photosynthesis (sugar production).

If CO2 is restricted, so is sugar production.

Plants can handle 1000 - 1200ppm of CO2. There's only around 400 - 450ppm in the air. Bringing that up to the optimum 1200ppm is one of the easiest ways to ramp up sugar production and increases your yield by up to 20%!

In summer, extra CO2 and also helps plants with heat stress by photosynthesising more!

How to Use

1. Put the plug in
2. Push the left button 1 time
3. Set the level CO2 level ( turn left or right to go up or down)

You'll also need to generate/release the CO2,  control the release (regulator) and detect CO2 levels (analyser / sensor). For this will you need:

Equipment needed (Bottled CO2)

1. Bottles of CO2 gas - available in all shops

2. CO2 Regulator (with Solenoid valve)

3. CO2 Dispersion tubing (optional)

4. CO2 Controller with inbuilt sensor / analyser (e.g. Pro-Leaf & 2-3 Pin Plug Adaptor & 3-2 Pin Plug Adaptor)

5. Power lead / cable fitted with plug

 Equipment needed (LPG)

1. Propane cannister (red / orange) - available in most petrol stations or garages

2. LPG Generator (e.g. Pro-Leaf or AutoPilot)
3. UK Propane Regulator (Low Pressure) - should come with the cannister

  • 1/2 bar regulator (with 4kW Generator)
  • 1 bar regulator (with 8kW or 10kW Generator)

4. CO2 Controller (with inbuilt sensor / analyser (e.g. Pro-Leaf & 2-3 Pin Plug Adaptor)

5. Pipe cutters

6. Leak detection fluid

7. Hose clamp / gas hose clips 

Place the sensor in the middle of the room, approx1.5m from the floor

The Tech

The Tech 
Max Amperage 10A @240V AC 50Hz
Sensor Cord Length 4.5m
CO2 Control Range 400ppm - 2000ppm
CO2 Accuracy +/- 100ppm
Weight 1kg
Dimensions 130mm x120mm x 50mm


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