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Pro Leaf CO2 Regulator

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The Easiest and Most Effective Way to Add Extra CO2 to Your Grow Room

The Pro-Leaf CO2 Regulator is designed to fit onto a CO2 gas cylinder, utilizing a solenoid valve to release the gas as needed. It operates according to settings on the Pro-Leaf CO2 Controller, ensuring ideal CO2 levels are maintained in the grow room at all times. This setup promotes faster and larger plant growth, optimizing your harvest.

How the Pro-Leaf CO2 Regulator Works

CO2 is crucial for photosynthesis, a fundamental process for plant growth. The atmosphere typically contains CO2 at around 360 parts per million (ppm). Plants can deplete this CO2 within an hour, and if levels drop below 200ppm, growth will slow significantly. While a good extraction system helps, plants benefit from higher CO2 levels than what is naturally present.

Supplemental CO2 offers numerous benefits, including increased tolerance to higher temperatures and accelerated growth rates, resulting in better quality and quantity of harvests. Optimal CO2 levels range from 1000ppm to 1200ppm. Levels above this can be harmful, and at 2000ppm, CO2 becomes toxic to plants. Levels between 4000ppm and 5000ppm are dangerous for humans.

The Pro-Leaf CO2 Regulator ensures these optimal CO2 levels when paired with the Pro-Leaf Controller. It connects to a charged CO2 gas cylinder, releasing CO2 when the solenoid valve opens. The valve remains open until the CO2 reaches the pre-set limit or the designated time, preventing toxic CO2 levels in your grow room.

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