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Autopilot Propane (LPG) CO2 Generators

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Autopilot Propane (LPG) CO2 Generators

Add CO2 to areas of up to 60m2 with an Autopilot Propane Burner.

There's no permanent pilot light to mess up your 'lights off' cycle - the Autopilot ignites electronically (with no pilot burner).

These propane burners are ultra efficient - you get more CO2 from propane than you get from bottled gas. Better yet, when propane's burned, moisture is released to help humidify your grow room.

Propane's pretty easy to get - you can pick it up from most petrol stations.

  • Runs on Liquid Propane Gas (LPG) - efficient + easy to get
  • 4kW: suits 16 -30m2 area (4 x CO2 burners)
  • 8kW: suits 32 -60m2 area (8 x CO2 burners)
  • No permanent pilot light (doesn't interfere with lighting cycle)

Please note: This item is purchased to order which may cause slight additional lead times for delivery and local collection.

Autopilot takes safety seriously - each burner's packed with safety features. We love it.

Liquid Propane Burner (LPG) - Cost Saving

You get more CO2 from propane than you do bottled gas.

Helps Humidify

As propane burns, CO2 and moisture are released - this helps keep your grow room humid. In propagation and vegging (or when the weather's hot) a high humidity helps plants retain water.

Safety Pilot Valve

The two-stage safety pilot valve means that no fuel can flow to the burner when the pilot's not lit.

Fuel Type Indicator Label

Just a handy little reminder that the unit runs on propane.

Shutdown Tips & Warning LED

To ensure you shut it down safely, the unit has shut down tips, and an shutdown error LED.

Tip Over Switch

If you knock it over, the top over switch will turn off the fuel. Not that this should happen - you really need to keep your system suspended (hanging hooks included).

Easy Transport

Your Autopilot collapses in on itself, making it easier to store and transport.

Moisture & Rust Resistant Steel

Units have a steel casing with a powder coated finish and heat resistant interior. With a build like that, it'll easily withstand the humid conditions in your grow room.

We recommend
CO2 is heavier than oxygen - for best results, keep your air well mixed. The DiffuseAir and Quest Air Mover are great. There are also a series of air circulator fans you could use.

How To Use

You will also need:

Equipment needed (LPG)

1. Propane cannister (red / orange) - available in most petrol stations or garages

2. LPG Generator (Autopilot)

3. UK Propane Regulator (Low Pressure) - should come with the cannister

  • 1/2 bar regulator (with 4kW Generator)
  • 1 bar regulator (with 8kW or 10kW Generator)

4. CO2 Controller with inbuilt sensor / analyser (e.g. Pro-Leaf & 2-3 Pin Plug Adaptor)


CO2 Controller and separate sensor/analyser (e.g. Evolution Controller & Evolution Analyser)

5. Pipe cutters

6. Leak detection fluid

7. Hose clamp / gas hose clips

Make sure you hang your equipment and leave plenty of empty space around it. It is essential that there's a free flow of air to the bottom of your unit

Why Add CO2?

Plants use CO2 for photosynthesis (sugar production). If CO2 is restricted, so is sugar production. 

Plants can handle 1000 - 1200ppm of CO2. There's only around 400 - 450ppm in the air. That's less than 1/2 the amount they can use!

Adding CO2 is one of the easiest ways to ramp up sugar production and increases your yield by up to 20%! 

In summer, extra CO2 and also helps plants with heat stress by photosynthesising more!

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