Evolution CO2 Controller

Evolution CO2 Controller

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Evolution CO2 Controller

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Monitor, adjust & maintain CO2 levels  24/7 with Evolution CO2 controller.

  • CO2 controller (multi-stage dosing)
  • For propane, bottled CO2  or CO2 generator
  • 1 year warranty

Use it to dose plants with the CO2 needed for optimum sugar production. 

Day/night dosing cycles

To stop dosing at night, there's the handy 'lights on' sensor. You can choose when dosing stop.

Choose when to dose

To dose less frequently, set a low 'CO2 deadpan'. You won't start dosing until the deadpan level has been reached. 

Controls fan speed

Connect your extractor fan to the third input to slow or stop them during dosing times. 

Wall mountable

Keep it at eye level to take a quick reading.

Increases Photosynthesis

Plants get the CO2 needed to photosynthesise more, so they can produce the sugars needed for growth. 

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How to Use

You will also need: 

 Extras Needed (LPG)

1. Propane cannister (red / orange)

2. UK Propane Regulator (Low Pressure)

3. Sensor / analyser (Evolution Analyser)

4. LPG Generator (e.g. Pro-Leaf or AutoPilot)

5. Pipe cutter

6. Leak detection fluid

7. Hose clamp / CO2 hose clip


 Extras Needed (Bottled CO2)

1. Bottles of CO2 gas (food grade - like pubs use)

2. CO2 Dispersion tubing

3. CO2 Regulator with solenoid valve

4. Sensor / analyser (Evolution Analyser)

5. Power lead / cable fitted with plug

6. 2-3 pin plug adaptor 

1: Connect your CO2 regular to the 2nd input
2: Connect your CO2 regulator to your CO2 supply (bottle, generator)
3: For real time CO2 sensing, connect a CO2 Analyser (optional)

Hint:  Aim for a CO2 level of 1000 - 1200ppm. Less than this and your plants will underperform. More than this and you'll simply be dosing plants with more CO2 than they can use.

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