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Exhale CO2 Bag

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Exhale CO2 Bag

  • Target CO2 level: 1200ppm

Add extra CO2 into your grow room 24/7 for 6 months with Exhale CO2 bags.

1 bag is enough for 4 -6 plants. It's ideal in small - medium sized grow rooms.

  • 1 bag per 4 -6 plants
  • Lasts 6 months
  • For veg & flowering

All the extra CO2 ramps up photosynthesis (sugar production).

  • Easy - no refilling bottles
  • Low cost - no heat, no electricity
  • 100% recyclable bags

Why Add CO2?

Plants use CO2 for photosynthesis - sugar production. If CO2 is restricted, so is photosynthesis.

Plants perform best with CO2 levels of 1000 - 1200ppm. However, in your home, CO2 levels are only as high as 800ppm.

By adding extra CO2, you can:

  • Increase yield (by up to 20- 30% with the right CO2 level!)
  • Strengthen stems, branches and overall plant structure
  • Shorten your veg cycle
  • Help plants utilise high intensity lights
  • Enable plants to cope with higher heats

CO2 is handy at any point of your cycle, but plants benefit from it most in flowering.

How It Works

Bags contain mycelium. Mycelium releases CO2, just like humans do.

The mycelium strain is a vigorous, non-fruiting strain. These strains produce CO2 for much longer than fruiting strains. The one in Exhale CO2 bags produces CO2 for up to 6 months.

This CO2 is released into your grow room via a one way breather patch.

How To Use

Hang the bags in a suitable spot in your grow room (away from exhaust fans, higher than plants).

For best results, use an air circulator fan to disperse CO2 evenly in your grow room.

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