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Evolution CO2 Analyser

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Detect & report CO2 levels of up to 10,000ppm with an Evolution Analyser.

Use it to feed accurate, real-time data to an Evolution CO2 Controller. Your controller will then know how much CO2 to dose.

  • CO2 Analyser/ Sensor (measures 0 - 10,000ppm)
  • Detects & reports air CO2 levels
  • 1 year warranty included

Hint:  Aim for a CO2 level of 1000 - 1200ppm. Less than this and your plants will underperform. More than this is a waste.

How To Use

You will also need:

Equipment needed (LPG)

1. Propane cannister (red / orange) - available in most petrol stations or garages

2. LPG Generator (Pro-Leaf or Autopilot)

3. UK Propane Regulator (Low Pressure) - should come with the cannister

  • 1/2 bar regulator (with 4kW Generator)
  • 1 bar regulator (with 8kW or 10kW Generator)

4. CO2 Controller and separate sensor/analyser (e.g. Evolution Controller & Evolution Analyser)

5. Pipe cutters 

6. Leak detection fluid

7. Hose clamp / gas hose clips 

 Extras needed (Bottled CO2)

1. Bottles of CO2 gas - available in all shops

2. CO2 Regulator (with Solenoid valve)

3. CO2 Dispersion tubing (optional)

4. CO2 Controller and separate sensor/analyser (e.g. Evolution Controller & Evolution Analyser)

5. Power lead / cable fitted with plug

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