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[Grow Tents] How to Make Space!

[Grow Tents] How to Make Space!

Alex Grady

Growing in a tent? Space is at a premium! Here's how to get more bang for your buck.

1. Add a Utility Shelf

Do it right, and you can double the amount of space in your tent.

Something like a Secrer Jardin Lodge already comes with a shelved section.

To build one yourself, you will need:

  • Corners
  • T pieces
  • Metal poles
  • A wire mesh support

As long as it'll support propagator and light, all is good.

Before building, bear in mind that you will lose headroom.

This makes it tough to keep a safe gap between your plants & light.

  • You might get heat problems
  • Your can't use a light that's too intense

Most people only really do this in a vegging tent. One with smaller plants and low intensity lights.

Grow Tent

In a flowering tent with 600W lights, don't even try it - unless your tent is really, really, really tall.

2. Use Expando Tent Supports

To get up to 30cm of extra space, stretch your canvas. Expando Tent Supports will do it.

They also stop your canvas being sucked in by your fans.

That means:

  • Light coverage is better
  • Air flow is improved
  • Hot, humid pockets in corners are reduced
  • Mould is less likely to occur

They're great, whether you need the extra space or not.

Grow Tent

You can use them in most tents. As long as the gap between poles is 1m - 1.5m, you'll be well away.

3. Use Crop Support Netting

Use it to flatten your canopy and improve light coverage.

With a level, flat canopy, light reaches more leaves. Coverage is uniform, too.

As an added bonus, plants are shorter. This is great if headroom's an issue.

  • Plants are shorter (great in low-ceiling tents)
  • Light coverage increases (bigger yield)

Installing this netting is easy - just attach it to the poles in your tent.

Grow Tent

As plants grow, guide branches away from your plant, through the netting.

4. Pick a Compact System

There's a system to suit any space.

If height is a problem

Pick a low profile system where plants sit close to the ground, like:

If floor space is a problem

Choose a system with an integrated tank, like:

If shape is problem

Pick a modular system where you can position pots where you want, like:

Grow Tent

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