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NFT Gro-Tanks

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NFT Gro-Tank 205 GTi (71cm x 40cm - 20 Litre capacity) Code: 330
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NFT Gro-Tank 424 (112cm x 50cm - 45 Litre capacity) Code: 9
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NFT Gro-Tank 604 (158cm x 52cm - 60 Litre capacity) Code: 328
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Get epic roots & giant yields in a shorter growing cycle! All you need is an NFT Gro-Tank!

Your yields will be up to 3 x bigger than if you grew in a pot!

It’s cheap & easy to manage each system - they run 24/7 & minimal growing media is needed. 

You’ll save tons of headroom, too – NFT Gro-Tanks are just 20cm high! If you haven’t got the height for bubblers, an NFT Gro-Tank’s great!

They’ve been a bestseller since 1994 and are still going strong – that’s how good they are. Find out what all the fuss is about - try one today!

Easy to manage - systems run 24/7 without a timer or controls! 
Yields up to 3x bigger than plants grown in pots!
Unrestricted growth – roots have a constant oxygen & nutrient supply
Compactspace saving – ideal for low heights!
Giant roots in record time!
Low waste! Recirculates nutrient solution – minimal growing media to throw away
• Efficient! Shorter growing cycle!

What’s NFT?

NFT is for Nutrient Film Technique!

A shallow stream of nutrient solution is constantly pumped past bare plant roots.

Roots get almost unrestricted access to oxygen, water & nutrients. You know what that means? Yes! Epic roots, huge yields & a shorter growing cycle!

NFT systems are easy to manage - systems run 24/7 without a timer or controls.   

It’s no wonder that commercial growers worldwide use NFT! 

We recommend

Don’t forget to buy transplanting cubes, cutting seed cubes, your nutrients (we recommend using Shogun Samurai) & a pH test kit

It’s worth buying a spare Correx cover & spare pump too.

Keep your system sterile with Silver Bullet Roots. It kills 99.99% of root diseases and stays active in tanks for 5 weeks! If you already use Oxy-Plus 11.9%, switch to Silver Bullet and you’ll save 55%. 

Want more tips? Take a look at our latest NFT post!

How it Works

Plants are placed in rockwool blocks and onto your Gro-Tank’s top tray.

A nutrient solution is pumped to your roots in a shallow, steady stream. Your plant roots then grow along the planting channels in the top tray.

This gives your plants a constant, unrestricted supply of oxygen and nutrients.

The results?

• Monstrous roots
• Extreme yields
• Shorter growing cycles!

Save Height

NFT Gro-Tanks are compact (only 20cm high) and self-contained!

If you haven't got enough height for a bubbler, an NFT Gro-Tank's a great alternative! 

• Completely self-contained
• Ideal when there's resricted headroom
• Great alternative to a bubbler

Effcient & Low Waste!

NFT Gro-Tanks are incredibly efficient! Very little growing media is used - only the rockwool blocks you establish your plants in. 

Since your nutrient solution is recirculated, little water's wasted, too.  It gets pumped from your reservoir straight to plant roots then back round again.

You don’t have to worry about watering your plants  – systems run 24/7. You only need just need to check your system, top up your tank and empty your tank roughly once a week!

• Systems run 24/7 without a timer - efficient!
• No watering – reservoir only needs emptying around once a week
• Hardly any growing media - only the rockwool blocks!</p

Kit Contains

• Bottom Tank
• Top Tray
• Correx Cover
• Water Pump
• Gro-tank Delivery Tube

You’ll also need to buy:

Transplanting cubes
Cutting seed cubes
• Your nutrients (we recommend SHOGUN Samurai Hydro Nutrients)
• A pH test kit

For large scale growing, try a Hydro -Duct NFT System




See how to assemble your system by watching the video above.

Positioning your rockwool cubes

When you position them, make sure that the grooves in your rockwool cubes are lined up with the flow of water, to ensure nutrients can reach your roots.

Topping up your tank

The easy way:

Top up your tank with a quarter strength feed as required, with a complete nutrient change once a week.

To precise way:

Top up your tank as needed with quarter strength feed. Once you’ve topped your tank up by its full capacity (e.g. by 6 litres in a 6 litre tank) you'll need to completely empty and refill your tank. 


Never turn your pump off – roots are meant to be kept moist. If you do turn your pump off, your roots will quickly dry and you’ll get lots of cell damage (even dead root mass!) When you finally turn your pump back on, Pythium can quickly take hold. 

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