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Clonex Rooting Gel

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Promote Explosive Root Development with Clonex Rooting Gel

Want explosive root growth? Meet your new best friend – Clonex Rooting Gel.

Clonex is packed with rooting hormone, vitamins, nutrients & anti-fungal agents.

You’ve got to try Clonex! It’ll help your cuttings develop roots and protect existing roots. To prevent infections & embolisms, it seals cut tissue instantly.

Remember, Clonex is a thick gel… it sticks to plant stems to aid cuttings throughout rooting.

Expect extreme root growth and a remarkable increase in cutting success rates. No wonder amateurs and professionals worldwide swear by it!

  • For use on freshly taken cuttings during propagation

  • Speeds up rooting times for plants, as well as the development of new roots

  • Significantly increases cutting success rates

  • Works to promote root cell development, strengthening root tissue

  • Contains rooting hormones at 3000 parts per million

  • Clonex wards off stem-rot (anti-fungal agent)

  • Contains nutrient & trace elements to further promote strong root development

  • Maximum results – sticks to plant stems throughout rooting

  • Seals plant stems to reduce the likelihood of infection

  • Safe – won’t splash – it’s a rooting GEL!

  • Can be used with any type of rooting plug

  • Clonex rooting hormone gel – much more effective than rooting hormone powder

Clonex Rooting Gel Recommendations

All you need to do is remove some side shoots from your mother plant using a sharp blade (preferably a scalpel). Make sure that the cut is at an angle and use sterile equipment to reduce the likelihood of infection. Open your Clonex bottle and pour some of the rooting gel into a separate container. Dip the new cutting into the rooting gel, then insert it into a moistened rooting plug and leave inside a propagator until rooted.

Don't remove too many cuttings from your mother plant – be sure to save at least 50% of the foliage or you'll risk causing too much stress.

Combine Clonex Rooting Gel with Clonex Mist for maximum results. Don’t be surprised to see your root mass increase by as much as 156%, and your rooting time for cuttings drop by as much as 10 days.

To get the best out of your Clonex Rooting Gel, take a look at our blog post on Taking the Perfect cuttings, so that you can increase your success rate.

Clonex Rooting Gel produces excellent results when used with Cultiwool Cubes.

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