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Taking The Perfect Cuttings

Taking The Perfect Cuttings

Alex Grady

If you want cuttings to survive and thrive, don't just start hacking! For best results, here's what you do.

Equipment Needed

It pays to be prepared. Before you do anything else, get yout equipment ready.

You will need:

Propagation Tent Kit


Once your equipment's ready, follow these 9 steps.


1. Clean

Clean and sterilise your equipment - especially your propagator and scalpel.

Silver Bullet Mist will kill 99.99% of bacteria.


2. Soak your cubes

Soak your cubes, blocks or plugs.

If pre-fertilised (like jiffy plugs) soak in dechlorinated water. Otherwise, use a rooting stimulant (like SHOGUN Katana Roots or VitaLinkPlant Start).

clonex rooting gel

3. Pour Clonex

Pour some Clonex Rooting Gel into a small measuring jug.

You don't need much - you're only going to dip clones into it to seal the cut and stimulate rooting.


4. Identify cuttings

You want to take cuttings that:

  • Are on lower 1/3 of the mother
  • Have 3 - 4 leaves on them
  • Are 7 - 8 cm long

Be careful not to remove more than 50% of your mother's foliage.


5. Take cuttings

Make a clean, diagonal cut at the internodal intersection (where the branch meets the stem).

As a rule, you need to take twice the amount of cuttings you need.

clonex rooting gel

6. Remove foliage

Remove new leaves and shoots from the bottom half of your cutting.

clonex rooting gel

7. Dip in Clonex

Dip the exposed cut into Clonex Rooting Gel for a few seconds.

clonex rooting gel

8. Check Jiffy Plugs

By now (20 minutes) your jiffy plugs should have absorbed enough water and be ready for cuttings.

jiffy plugs

9. Create Hole

When they're ready, create a hole in your jiffy plug using a pipette.

cuttings in jiffy plugs

10. Add Cuttings

Place cuttings in the hole - don't forget to label them so you know which plant they came from.

cuttings in jiffy plugs

11. Place in Propagator

Move cuttings in a propagator, with the top and sides misted.

Step 12

12. Set Propagator

  • Vents: closed (briefly open every 1 - 2 days)
  • Temp: 22 - 24oC (4oC cooler at night)
  • Humidity: 70 - 80% RH
  • Light: Run for 18hrs a day

What Next?

After 7 - 14 days, cuttings will root and you'll be ready to move them to transplanting cubes.

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