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Healthy Root

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Healthy Root - 1 Litre Code: 2632
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For strong, healthy, white roots in soil and hydro systems, get a bottle of Healthy Root today! You can safely use it throughout your grow.

It uses a 100% natural bacteria to restore the microbial balance and boost nutrient availability.

Better yet, it helps create conditions that are unfavourable for fungi, giving your plants the chance to recover and grow fresh roots.  Beneficial bacteria will not be harmed, and your soil will not be sterilised.

You can use it to help prevent & fight bacterial and fungal root infections that cause root rot (Pythium).

100% natural product, great for organic growers
• Aims to restore microbial balance in root zone
• Helps prevent & control root diseases, like Pythium
• Helps make conditions unfavourable for fungi
Does not harm your root zone or beneficial bacteria
• Safe to use throughout your growing cycle
• Excellent in soil, hydro systems and for pre-soaking rockwool cubes

Use Healthy Root alongside your base feed, or use it as a boost when you see plant stress or browning roots.

Soaking Rockwool cubes
Dilution rate: 3ml/Litre

Hydro Systems
Dilution rate: 25ml/40 Litre
Use with every nutrient change

Soil Mixes
Dilution rate: 3ml/Litre
Reapply if medium is flushed

Maturing Plants
For pot soaking

Safety and Storage
• Wash hands thoroughly after handling
• Store in a dry place
• Store in a closed container
• Shake well before use

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