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Canna Coco Professional Plus Growing Medium

Canna Coco Professional Plus Growing Medium

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Canna Coco Professional Plus Growing Media - 50 Litres

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10 x Canna Coco Professional Plus Growing Media - 50 Litres (mini pallet)

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For healthy, high-yielding plants use Canna Coco Professional Plus.

It is completely natural, and provides your plants with a light, airy rooting environment – perfect for healthy and vigorous root growth.

It’s free from nasty viruses, weeds and soil diseases – it’s been washed, buffered and treated with a special beneficial fungus (Trichoderma) to provide you with the best quality Coco growing media available.

Free of viruses, weeds and soil diseases
• Moist and airy for healthy, even root growth (73% water / 23% air)
Contains a beneficial fungus ( Trichoderma) – protects against root rot
Uses only the highest quality coco fibre, from specially selected prime Indian coconuts
Pure, highly buffered and pre-treated
• Exceptionally low salt content (washed in fresh water three times)
• Carries R.H.P quality mark (certified as weed free)
• Superb results and great yields
Easy to use – no need to wash and soak
• Ready to use straight out the bag
Environmentally friendly and bio-degradable
Can mix with soil to improve drainage and structure
Can be used in re-circulating or run-to-waste systems

We recommend:
Coco doesn’t contain nutrients, so you’ll need to add your own nutrients from day 1.

Opt for one that’s coco specific. Try SHOGUN Samurai Coco Nutrients – it’s a firm favourite!

It’s also smart to use a CalMag booster. Sometimes plants grown in coco experience calcium deficiencies. This is because coco tends to adsorb calcium and release potassium. A good CalMag will fix any nutrient imbalances - SHOGUN CalMag is the best.


The Science

The structure

Canna Coco is made from coconut fibre. It’s incredibly moist, and allows air to flow freely through it, providing oxygen to the roots.

Canna Coco’s structure is smooth and consistent, encouraging roots to grow evenly, for a strong root network.

Ideal air and water ratio for maximum root growth
Consistent structure for even root growth

With Canna Coco, you’ll get stronger roots, better yields and healthier plants.

The treating process – R.H.P quality

You can rest assured that Canna Coco is natural and free of diseases and impurities.

No coco ever touches the outdoor ground
Washed three times to remove all salt
• Contains Trichoderma (protective mould) to protect against soil diseases – even root rot!
• Holds the R.H.P quality mark
• Buffered to prevent the coco from holding onto calcium; a vital nutrient for your plant

This strict production process makes it one of the most stable coco mediums around.


How to Use

You won’t need to wash and soak it - Canna Coco Professional Plus is has already been very thoroughly washed, pre-treated and buffered.

Canna Coco Professional Plus contains no nutrients so plants rooted into it must be fed with nutrient.

Use a coco specific nutrient, they’re specifically designed to provide coco with more potassium and less calcium.

Try SHOGUN Samurai Coco Nutrients – it’s a firm favourite!

We also recommend using SHOGUN CalMag – it’ll prevent and treat any calcium (and a number of other) deficiencies.

Canna Coco Professional Plus can be re-used several times when used in conjuction with a high quality enzyme product, such as CannaZym or Hygrozyme.

Canna Coco Professional Plus is biodegradable, and can be disposed of relatively easily.



Q & A

Questions and Answers (4)

Hi, I have settled on a passive hydro system using autopots and a big reservoir (I am away for a week to ten days sometimes) and I need help on the medium for the pots, I am defo using coco but just wondered if I should do a 50/50 mix with something else to give me added insurance, any help would be appreciated.
Hi, you should be fine with coco on it's own with this system, but you could use Perlite or Clay Pebbles mixed with the coco if you wish.

Written by AB | 23 Sep 2013

Hi I am about to switch from soil to coco grow, using pots /hand watering. I have read that it is advisable to mix perlite with coco to improve drainage. I know that biobizz allmix already.contains perlite. Is this case with this product or do I need to also buy perlite to.mix into it? Thanks
You can add Perlite to coco, bit it is a well aerated medium that drains well without it. The coco does not contain Perlite,

Written by JM | 15 Mar 2013

when growing in canna i have been advised to keep the ph of the water i give my plants significantly lower than if i grow in soil. Is there any truth to this and if so can you tell me why? Much Appreciated,
What you have heard is right. We always advise against adjusting your pH in soil because the soil acts as a natural buffer and adjusting the pH can destroy some of the beneficial microbes which break down the nutrients to be accessible by the plants. Coco is an insert media and does not assist the plant in breaking down the nutrients in the same way as soil. Therefore the nutrients are directly accessible by the plant, being mineral based. By adjusting the pH you are optimizing the accessibility of the nutrients to the plant. Ideally you want your pH to be between 6 and 6.5.

Written by seancleary | 20 Aug 2012