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Dessicant Dehumidifier

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Dessicant Dehumidifier - 10 Litres/day Code: 2052

Stop the level of humidity from rising too high at certain points throughout the growth cycle with a Dessicant Dehumidifier!

Large leafy plants tend to transpire a lot over the course of a crop and the resulting moisture in the air can be problematic for indoor gardeners, especially during the latter stages of development. Choosing to ignore the issue increases the chances of mould taking hold, which will cause real havoc from the start of flowering by rotting your precious fruits (botrytis). The Dessicant Dehumidifier is designed to help you maintain a suitable growing environment, removing excess water vapour from the air as efficiently and effectively as possible.  

Smaller, lighter and quieter than a compressor alternative, the Dessicant Dehumidifier reduces humidity without using a refrigerant – since these are often prone to failure and unable to manage temperature fluctuations. Pleasingly this excellent model works just as well in cold conditions (right down to 0oC) as it does in a warm climate! 

A Dessicant Dehumidifier will produce up to 10 Litres of water per day at 0cF and pH7. The permanent drainage pipe that is included with the unit can be set up to direct the water to a dedicated collection tank, main growing tank or drain (otherwise you’ll need to manually empty the contents of the dehumidifier on a regular basis). It is also worth noting that the Dessicant Dehumidifier generates a little bit of heat whilst operating – definitely a benefit throughout the freezing winter months! 

Other key features include a built in hygrostat for dictating the desired level of grow room humidity (use a GSE Humidifier/Dehumidifier Controller if you need to be really precise) and two separate running modes for altering the powerfulness of the dehumidifying process.  

The Dessicant Dehumidifier comes with a 2 year manufacturer warranty and is perfect for use as part of a full closed loop system and also for any room up to 4m x 4m in size that has humidity, mildew or rot issues.

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