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Eco Extraction Kits

Eco Extraction Kits

from £109.95

RVK100A1 Eco Extraction Kit 1 - (184m3/hour)

Code: 2910


RVK125A1 Eco Extraction Kit 2 - (220m3/hour)

Code: 2911


RVK150A1 Eco Extraction Kit 3 - (428m3/hour)

Code: 2912


RVK150L1 Eco Extraction Kit 4 - (720m3/hour)

Code: 2913


RVK200A1 Eco Extraction Kit 5 - (796m3/hour)

Code: 2915


RVK250L1 Eco Extraction Kit 6 - (1080m3/hour)

Code: 2916


Make air exchange and odour removal easy & affordable…try our Eco Extraction Kit.

Your clever kit will continually remove stale, damp, hot, CO2 depleted air, making room for fresh, CO2 rich air.

It’ll also remove bad odours, help prevent high heats and keeps humidity under control.

You don’t need to work anything out – this kit’s got you covered for an unbeatable priceThe result? Consistently high yields.

Your smart bundle’s reliable, easy to install and features our bestselling German-made RVK fans. Don’t dither – it’s a no brainer. Get yours today.

 Keeps CO2 levels high and constant
✔ Regulates humidity levels
✔ Keeps moulds & pests at bay
✔ Great for temperature control
 Excellent odour removal - high grade carbon filter included 
✔ Easy to install - ducting & clips included
✔ Robust & lightweight German made RVK fan
✔ Reliable and great value for money

Kit Contains

• 1 x RVK Extraction Fan - powerful and reliable
• 1 x PK Eco Carbon Filter - uses high grade, virgin carbon
• 1 x 5m Combi Ducting - flexible and durable ducting
• 3 x Quick Release Duct Clips – connects ducting to your fan and filter

 Quiet, Powerful  Extractor Fan
Remove hot, stale, CO2 depleted air with a quiet, powerful German-made RVK Extractor Fan (4m power cable included). They're light yet robust, with a fibreglass and plastic casing. You can power yours from a household electrical supply or connect it to a controller. It's been a bestseller since 1994 - you can rely on them.

 Excellent Odour Removal
To remove all odours, you get an Eco Carbon Filter (life of 9 months). It uses pellets of pure, virgin, high grade compressed carbon. These pellets are the perfect size for free air flow while still removing odours. It doesn’t restrict air flow through your fan - other ‘lighter’ options simply can’t compete.

 Tough, Airtight Ducting
To easily connect your carbon filter to your extractor fan, you get combi ducting. It’s strong, airtight & resistant to grow room temperatures and pressures.

Everything in this kit's been hand picked by us - you know it's reliable. You also get foolproof GroWell illustrated instructions with your kit.

 Super Secure Connections
You get 3 x Quick Release Duct Clips in your kit. Use these to connect your ducting to your extractor fan and carbon filter. They use tightly woven worm screws to keep all connections secure.

Choose your Air Flow Rate

• RVK100A1 Eco Extraction Kit 1 - (184m3/hour) - Up to 1 x 400W light
• RVK125A1 Eco Extraction Kit 2 - (220m3/hour) - Up to 1 x 600W light
• RVK150A1 Eco Extraction Kit 3 - (428m3/hour) - Up to 2-3 x 600W lights
• RVK150L1 Eco Extraction Kit 4 - (720m3/hour) - Up to 4 x 600W lights
• RVK200A1 Eco Extraction Kit 5 - (796m3/hour) - Up to 4-6 x 600W lights
• RVK250L1 Eco Extraction Kit 6 - (1080m3/hour) -  Up to 6-8 x 600W lights


Kit Contains
How to Use

1. Connect the mounting bracket to the fan

2. Connect the fan to the carbon filter with a length of ducting
• Place a clip on either side of the ducting
• Connect one end to the carbon filter, the other end to the fan

3. Place a length of ducting to the other end of the fan
• Again, first attach the ducting clip

4. Position your filter
• Either hang it with a heavy duty chain, rope ratchets or stand it on a carbon filter frame
• The loose end of the ducting will need to be out of your grow space

We recommend:

Position your filter near the ceiling of your grow room, as hot, stale air will rise.

Create intake holes near the base of your growing space so your plants get a constant flow of fresh air to your plants. 

Q & A

Questions and Answers (4)

I am new to this and I was jus wondering if I need to buy two of these? One to extract the air out and one to extract the air in or does this do it all in one with the carbon filter?
You only need to use the carbon filter on the out take. Depending on the amount of lights & size of area you are using, you could just use holes at the bottom of your area for intake air. If you are using multiple lights, or have low headroom - less than 2 metres, you should use an input fan, which should be slightly smaller than the out take fan.

Written by Chris | 3 Jun 2013

Hi, which kit you recommend for a 120x120x200 tent?
We would recommend using extraction kit 2 with this tent, which uses the RVK125 fan.

Written by odinos | 4 Jan 2012

is there a big difference between budget and standard extraction kits
In terms of performance, both the budget extraction kits & standard extraction kits perform equally well. The difference is that that the budget filter has a lifespan of 9 months, whereas the premium quality filter has a lifespan of 18 months, & can be refilled using the carbon filter refilling service.

Written by gerald | 28 Jun 2011