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Mammoth TT & Mammoth Lite Extraction Kits

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SKU: K-100100
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Budget Extraction Kits

Save yourself the hassle of buying items separately and choose our Mammoth TT extraction kits! All Parts are selected to work together perfectly. The process of setting up is super simple and you even get a cheeky discount!

Mammoth TT Grow Room Fan

Mammoth TT fans come with two fan-speed settings, giving you some basic control over airflow rates, straight out of the box – a hugely impressive bit of functionality considering the wallet-friendly price point! During spells of warmer weather and rising temperatures, flick the switch and select the more powerful option to help combat challenging environmental conditions.

Mammoth Lite Filter

Mammoth Lite carbon filters deliver the same features that you'd expect to see in top-end carbon filters, but at budget price points. You're getting 38mm bed depths, which are thicker than most other budget filters. You also get high-grade RC 48 Australian carbon, which is the most sought after in the industry. They're lightweight, highly effective and are a great way to get up and running without breaking the bank. 

Combi Ducting

Combi Ducting has an aluminium and polyester inner shell, which is supported by a highly durable steel wire helix and given protection through an outer layer of PVC. This makes it super-strong, making it resistant to tearing.

For maximum effectiveness and to stop dust collecting in the ducting, always make sure your Combi Flexible Ducting is fully extended. It doesn’t take much time or effort to install, weighs little and conveniently comes compacted and boxed up. Recommended!

Kit Components

4-Inch Kit

Mammoth TT 100mm (4-inch) 165 m3/h or 198 m3/h
Mammoth Lite Carbon Filter: 100mm / 300mm - 350 m3/h
5m of 4-inch combi ducting
3 x duct clips

5-Inch Kit

Mammoth TT 125mm (5-inch) 248m3/h or 284m3/h
Mammoth Lite Carbon Filter: 125mm / 300mm - 450m3/h
5m of 5-inch combi ducting
3 x duct clips

6-Inch Kit

Mammoth TT 150mm (6-inch) 410 m3/h or 530 m3/h
Mammoth Lite Carbon Filter: 150mm / 600mm - 900 m3/h
5m of 6-inch combi ducting
3 x duct clips

8-Inch Kit

Mammoth TT 200mm (8-inch) 530 m3/h or 690 m3/h
Mammoth Lite Carbon Filter: 200mm / 600mm - 1220 m3/h
5m of 8-inch combi ducting
3 x duct clips

10-Inch Kit

Mammoth TT 250mm (10-inch) 1064 m3/h or 1405 m3/h
Mammoth Lite Carbon Filter: 250mm / 750mm - 1800 m3/h
5m of 10-inch combi ducting
3 x duct clips

12-Inch Kit

Mammoth TT 315mm (12-inch) 1750 m3/h or 2206 m3/h
Mammoth Lite Carbon Filter: 315mm / 750mm - 2500 m3/h
5m of 12-inch combi ducting
3 x duct clips

Why Run An Extraction System?

Plants consume CO2 and release humidity. At the same time, your grow lights and other hot bits of kit are increasing your grow room temperature. So you need to draw out hot, stale, humid, CO2 depleted air, and replace it with fresh, cooler, CO2 rich air. This is what’s known as air exchange. In each system, you need:

A fan: to draw air out

A filter: to remove odours before air is extracted

Ducting: to vent air where you need it

The beauty of an extraction kit is that you don’t need to worry about sizing everything up. You already know your carbon filter, fan & ducting will fit together. It’s the easiest answer to air exchange.

How Do You Assemble An Extraction System?

Using the items supplied in your kit, here’s how to configure an extraction system:

Carbon Filter > Duct Clip > Ducting (short) > Duct Clip > Extractor Fan > Duct Clip > Ducting

We recommend initially arranging and attaching kit items on the floor, hanging up as one whole unit afterwards with chain or, for maximum convenience, Rope Ratchets (both supplied separately). Ensure that the arrow on the fan points in the opposite direction to the carbon filter – this indicates the direction of air flow (you want air to suck through the filter, not blow into it).

Tip: if you’re having trouble fitting ducting to either your fan or filter, you can use tape to hold it in place whilst you secure the duct clip.

Where Should You Locate Your Extraction System?

Hang it at the top of the growing area to capture air at its hottest point.

With the air exiting the tent or room from an opposite corner of where you intend to bring fresh air in – typically via an intake fan or open vent(s) positioned low down. This arrangement prevents you from immediately extracting away the fresher air coming in.

What About Air Intake?

For best results and the most effective ventilation setup, you should draw in around 20% less air than you extract. In a tent, this stops air seeping out before it’s been through your filter. Users of small-to-medium sized tents can get away with just opening up the vents to allow enough air in, but we recommend installing an active intake system for tents measuring 1.2m x 2.4m and above.

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