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Mammoth Lite Carbon Filters

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Mammoth Lite Carbon Filters

Mammoth Lite carbon filters are the best performing filters at their price range, offering an array of features that you'd expect to find on units that are built for the professional end of the market.

They're thicker than other budget filters, with 38mm bed depths. Most budget filters have bed depths of 30mm.

You also get high-grade RC 48 Australian carbon, which is known to have the most effective odour killing prosperities, making it the most sought after carbon in the industry.

Mammoth Lite filters lightweight, highly effective and represent great value for money.

  • Features 38mm bed depths — bigger than other budget filters
  • Filled with RC 48 activated carbon
  • Neutralise odours found in the home and garden
  • Great value for money
  • Include a pre-filter sleeve

Airflow Rates and Dimensions

4” (100mm x 300mm) 350m3/hr
5” (125mm x 300mm) 450m3/hr
6” (150mm x 300mm) 520m3/hr
6” (150mm x 600mm) 900m3/hr
8” (200mm x 600mm) 1220m3/hr
10” (250mm x 750mm) 1800m3/hr
10” (250mm x 1000mm) 2500m3/hr
10” (250mm x 1200mm) 3200m3/hr
12” (315mm x 750mm) 2500m3/hr
12” (315mm x 1000mm) 3250m3/hr
12” (315mm x 1200mm) 4250m3/hr

How to Use Mammoth Lite Filters

Select a carbon filter that matches the diameter of the spigot of your grow room extractor fan; make sure that airflow rating of the filter is above that of the fan.

If the filter cannot support your fan’s airflow, it will not remove odours as effectively. 

Makes sure that the white fabric pre-filter sleeve sits over the Mammoth Lite before installing. This will help to keep dust out of the outer mesh and improve the filter’s longevity.

Secure the filter between your ducting and the intake side of your extraction fan. Ideally, this equipment should sit at the highest and most central point in your grow room (i.e. the ceiling). Doing so will give you the most even odour removal; hot air rises, and so lower-placed carbon filters may not catch warm and stale air as easily.

Hang your equipment using hanging ties, bungee cords, or jack chains.

Remove and clean the dust filter when necessary.

Where to Use Mammoth Lite Filters

The Mammoth Lite is suitable for use with the rest of your ventilation system! Pair with a fan and ducting in your grow tent, grow room, shed, hydroponic system, or greenhouse to remove plant odours.

You may also wish to remove VOCs elsewhere! This will work just as well in your home and office to prevent you from breathing in potentially harmful chemicals.

Always remember to wear the relevant protective equipment as well as using a carbon filter if working with dangerous substances.

Make Life Easier with Mammoth Lite Extraction Kits

If you want to save yourself some time and effort, and also some cash, take a look at our Mammoth Lite extraction kits. Choose between Mammoth Juiced and Mammoth TT versions, with sizes available to suit any grow space.

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