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SHOGUN Sumo Boost

SHOGUN Sumo Boost

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For bigger yields, better tasting fruit & more essential oils, invest in the best flowering booster ever launched – SHOGUN Sumo Boost.

It’s powerful! It contains a natural phyto-hormone that’s known to stimulate photosynthesis, water uptake & enzyme activity.

Results are mind-blowing!

Expect a weight increase of up to 10%!

Your overall plant performance will improve, too, thanks to a boost in metabolism.

All of this comes at a low cost – SHOGUN Sumo Boost is twice as strong as Canna Boost Accelerator.

• Trigger your plants’ metabolism (contains natural phyto-hormone triacontanol)
Stimulate growth, photosynthesis, water uptake & enzyme activity
Boost essential oil production & fruit weight (by up to 10%!)
Intensify the flavour of fruits
Improve the appearance of fruit
• Increase plant efficiency for all round improvements
Build defences against pathogenic bacteria and fungi
Stimulate production of flower buds & fruit
• Enhance nutrient uptake when used with SHOGUN PK Warrior 9/18 during flowering
Affordable! Twice the strength of Canna Boost Accelerator!
• Great as root feed or foliar spray
• Excellent in any growing media or growing system

Use it as a root feed or foliar spray!

For the ultimate flowering package, use it to maximise the uptake of SHOGUN PK Warrior 9/18!

The Science

SHOGUN Sumo Boost is a cocktail of naturally occurring ingredients (like triacontanol, cytokinins, fucoidan, betaine, amino acids, vitamins, polysaccharides, fulvic acid and humates).

Use it throughout the flowering cycle to boost your plants’ metabolism, overall health and rate of photosynthesis.


Triacontanol is a 100% naturally occurring phyto-hormone. It’s non-toxic and completely safe to use. You can often find it in low concentrations on plant leaves.

It acts as at growth regulator, stimulating your plant’s ability to:

• Capture light
• Absorb nutrients for photosynthesis
• Response to stress
• Produce flower buds

Plants produce more essentials oils, adding up to 10% to the overall weight of fruits.

Overall growth and health will increase too.

Your plants will be better able to cope with heat, cold and damage from pests and diseases.

SHOGUN Sumo Boost contains a soluble form of triacontanol, that’s easily absorbed by plants – not an easy feat! It’s took 2 years to perfect.

It was worth the work, though – SHOGUN Sumo Boost is one of the few boosters to contain a stable, good amount of triacontanol. It can get to work after just 2 hours!

Amino acids and peptides

Amino acids and peptides enable plants to detect and respond to environmental stimuli.

Plants are better able to protect themselves against pests, extreme heat and cold.


How to Use

Dilution rate:

• Root Feed: 1-2ml per Litre (twice as strong as Canna Boost Accelerator)
• Foliar Spray: 2ml per Litre

You can use SHOGUN Sumo Boost throughout flowering and vegetative growth. Stop using it just before the final flush (roughly 1-2 weeks before harvest)

As a foliar spray

• Apply as a foliar spray to leaves once a week at most.
• Spray directly onto leaves when lights are off, leaving time for leaves to dry before your lights come back on. This will prevent burning.

As a root feed

• Make up your base nutrient solution as normal, then add SHOGUN Sumo Boost.
• Make sure you check your pH and EC levels afterwards


Ensure you never mix with another nutrient, booster or additive in concentrated form. Always add each one to your tank or reservoir separately.

We recommend:

• Spray it onto plants once a month
• Every other time you want to use it, add it the stimulant directly to the nutrient tank


Q & A

Questions and Answers (5)

Hi. Can I use Sumo Boost (with PK Warrior) alongside Vitalink Bio-plus and Bio-Pac? Thanks!
The SHOGUN Sumo Boost & PK Warrior are fine to use alongside Vita Link Bio Plus & Bio-Pac. We would not recommend using Sumo Boost with Oxy Plus.

Written by CK | 3 Oct 2014

Hello....My Plants Have A Six Week Flower Period.So When Would I Start Using This Product?Also Can It Be Used Alongside Dry Flower Number 3 Fulvic (Liquid Gold) Thank-You
You can use SHOGUN Sumo Boost throughout the flowering phase. As well as applying it as a root feed, you should also use it as a foliar feed once at the start of flowering, & again 3-4 weeks later. It will be fine to use alongside Calmag & Fulvic acid.

Written by RC | 15 Jun 2014

Can i use shogun sumo boost in coco with canna pk 13/14 instead of canna boost?
You can use SHOGUN Sumo Boost instead of canna boost, it will work well in coco alongside your base nutrient & a PK booster such as SHOGUN PK Warrior 9/18, or Canna PK 13/14.

Written by cc | 31 Jan 2014