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SHOGUN PK Warrior 9/18

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Kickstart explosive flowering with the king of all PK boosters - SHOGUN PK Warrior 9/18.

It’s the ratio of phosphorous and potassium (9/18) your plants need for heavier, denser fruits & flowers.

Each bottle contains SHOGUN’s EXCLUSIVE additive, ‘SmartZen Maximiser' – you won’t find it elsewhere.

Get ready for killer savings! SHOGUN PK costs a meagre £0.01 per Litre, thanks to the unbeatable dilution rate of 0.5ml per Litre!

Drives sugar production during flowering
• Increases the size & weight of fruits and flowers
• Designed to be easily absorbed by plants
• Use it from week 4 ‘til your final flush!
Optimum ratio of phosphorus and potassium (9/18)
Unbeatable valuecosts just £0.01 per Litre – most cost 10p per Litre!
Dilution rate of 0.5ml per Litre
• Contains SHOGUN’s EXCLUSIVE additive, SmartZEN Maximiser
• Based on years of research!
• For use with any growing medium or growing system

For best results, use it as a root feed alongside SHOGUN Sumo Boost!

SHOGUN PK Warrior with Dr Callie & Jo

What’s a PK booster?

A PK booster is mostly made up of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). They’re used to alter the NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) ratio of the nutrient solution fed to plants.

SHOGUN PK warrior has a PK level of 9/18. What that means, is that for every 100 parts of undiluted nutrient feed, 9 parts are phosphorus, and 18 parts are potassium.

Though most PK boosters can be used for around 3 weeks of flowering, SHOGUN can be used from week 4 of your cycle, until it’s time for your final flush.

As a result, the plants are pushed into producing more fruit and flowers, which are bigger with better taste and aromas.

Phosphorus (P)

That’s a lot less potassium than you normally get in a PK booster!

Why? To ensure you don’t overload plants.

While plants use a phosphorus for flowering, too much of it is difficult for them to store, which can reduce fruit quality.

Most nutrient solutions already have a rich supply of phosphates. If your PK booster is too high in phosphorus,

After careful research and rigorous testing, the SHOGUN team pinpointed the ideal phosphate dosage. And that’s just what you get with SHOGUN PK Warrior.

Potassium (K)

Potassium’s the answer to bigger yields – it drives sugar production in fruit and flowers.

And with SHOGUN PK Warrior, you get a lot more of it than you normally would in a PK solution.

SmartZen Maximiser

SmartZen Maximiser’s an exciting mix of sterols, lignans, tannin, lipids and hydrocarbons that have been modified by microbial action. Together, they:

• Increase photosynthesis
• Lower heat stress
• Enhance chlorophyll production
• Increase nutrient assimilation
• Drive enzyme driven processes
• Stimulate mitochondria activity (energy driven part of the plant cell)

It took 8 years of research to perfect the formula, and only SHOGUN has the rights to use it.

Dilution rate: 0.5ml per Litre.

• Start using SHOGUN PK Warrior halfway into the flowering cycle (around day 21), as a plant switch from vegetative growth to the flowering cycle.

• Use SHOGUN PK Warrior up until you start to flush or begin applying SHOGUN Dragon Force (recommended).

• SHOGUN recommends reducing the strength of your base feed by 25 – 50% when you start using PK warrior to avoid over-fertilisation (plants need a weaker solution for flowering).


Never mix nutrients together in concentrated form. Instead, make sure you add them to your water reservoir separately.

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