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SHOGUN Geisha Foliar

SHOGUN Geisha Foliar

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SHOGUN Geisha Foliar - 750mls Sprayer

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SHOGUN Geisha Foliar - 5 Litre

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  • Increase flowering sites by up to 5%
  • Uniform flowering across plant
  • Results in just 24 hours!
  • Plants become greener and well hydrated
  • Creates heat tolerance for a few days after spraying
  • Ramps up water & nutrient uptake
  • Boosts plant metabolism
  • Enhances yield quality
  • Use during vegetative growth and flowering
  • Apply every 2 weeks
  • No dilution needed – supplied ready to use
  • No mixing or pH adjustment needed

Note: Not recommended for use on sick plants or propagating plants.

Get up to 5% more flowering sites for very little effort with SHOGUN Geisha, a unique foliar spray. It comes ready to use!

You’ll get noticeable results in just 24 hours!

To boost the formation of flowering organs & reduce heat stress, Geisha contains unique polyamines.

You’ll see a surge in hydration and nutrient uptake… thank the boron and bio activators in Geisha for that.

You don’t need to measure, mix or adjust your pH - all you do is spray!

Geisha also contains SHOGUN’s signature ingredient - the ‘SmartZen Maximiser’.

For best results use it every 2 weeks. Otherwise, use it once after the 2nd week of flowering, then again at the start of the 5th week. Makes sure plants are well established before you use it - Geisha is potent!


How to Use

300 – 375ml of spray covers 1m2 area.

• Use during vegetative growth and flowering
• For best results use it every 2 weeks. Otherwise, use it once after the 2nd week of flowering, then again at the start of the 5th week.
• Spray leaves until they become damp – if you get run off you’ve over sprayed

We recommend: Use SHOGUN Geisha with Sumo Boost - results are phenomenal. If using with Sumo Boost, mix 2ml/L of SHOGUN Sumo Boost with 1L of Geisha then use as a foliar spray.

Warning: Spray just before the lights off period OR raise up and dim lights before spraying plants.  Otherwise, the spray can form beads on leaves, which will magnify light and burn your plant.

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