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SHOGUN Calmag - 250mls

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SHOGUN Calmag - 1 litre

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SHOGUN Calmag - 5 litre

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It's time to try SHOGUN's genius take on the traditional calcium and magnesium additive.

It was designed by leading biochemists to enhance nutrient uptake – perfect for peak production.

It'll prevent and correct most common deficiencies - perfect if you're growing in coco. You’ll see a distinct rise in chlorophyll production and rapid root formation, too.

Use it as a foliar spray or root feed – it’s great for both. You can safely use it alongside your base nutrient, too.

  Vegetative growth booster
  Amazing dilution rate of 0.5 - 1ML per Litre
  Highly refined calcium (3.2%), magnesium (1.2%) and nitrogen (2.6%) source
  Also contains iron (0.1%) - a common deficiency
  Improves translocation of nutrients
  Essential for growing with coco (which has a high nitrogen draw)
 Boosts chlorophyll production and speeds photosynthesis
  Balances nutrients in the root zone
  Rapid root formation
  Strengthens plant structure – leads to thicker stems and branches
  Aids uptake of nutrients key to flower development (such as potassium and phosphurus)
  Highly effective in any medium or system

Don’t be fooled by the low price – as always, SHOGUN’s CalMag really is the best one to buy.

It’s an absolute neccessity, especially during high temperatures and periods of speedy growth when deficiencies are common.

What are you waiting for? Make CalMag part of your feeding regime.

We recommend:

If you're growing with coco, this product is essential- a lot of plants grown in coco will suffer with calcium deficiencies, which can easily be prevented and treated with SHOGUN CalMag.

The Science

The calcium (3.2%)

Calcium plays a huge role in cell building and plant growth.

It also helps your plant translocate key nutrients – including potassium and phosphorus. It’s why seasoned growers use CalMag alongside their base nutrient.

Strengthens plant structure and thickens cell walls
• Raises resistance to pests, disease and temperature changes
• Aids the transportation of nutrients around the plant
• Makes nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium more effective.

The magnesium (1.2%)

Magnesium is used in chlorophyll. It’s key to light absorption and photosynthesis. Without enough magnesium, your plants will wither and eventually die.

Magnesium deficiencies are common in high energy plants – you can treat and prevent them with SHOGUN CalMag.

How to Use

Root Feed

• Add at a rate of 0.5 - 1ML per Litre to your nutrient reservoir or watering can.
• You can safely use it throughout vegetative and flowering growth.

Foliar Application

 SHOGUN CalMag can be used as a foliar feed to correct deficiencies relating to poor establishment or environmental problems.
 Add at a rate of 10 - 15ML per litre and spray onto the leaves. Spray once per week until the issue is resolved.
 SHOGUN recommends keeping the pH for foliar application between 5 and 7.


• SHOGUN CalMag can be used through the vegetative and flowering phases – stop using it before the final flush (normally 1 - 2 weeks before harvest time).

Q & A

Questions and Answers (1)

Has this cal/mag got nitrogen in it? also, can it be used in drip feed for coco and also recirc-hydro/dwc or is it organic based?
The Shogun Calmag does contain nitrogen. It is not organic based, & is suitable for use in all system types.

Written by markie | 30 Oct 2013