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RhizoStand - Standard (for up to 16L RhizoPots) Code: 6700
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RhizoStand - XL (for up to 39L RhizoPots) Code: 6701
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IWS PRO BSP Tee 25mm Code: 7097
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IWS PRO Elbow BSP 25mm Code: 7094
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IWS PRO Washer 25mm Code: 7095
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IWS PRO Nut 25mm Code: 7096
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Remove run-off the fast, easy and affordable way with our EXCLUSIVE RhizoStands.

They’re sloped, to automatically channel run-off (waste feed) away before it get reabsorbed by your plants.

Use them to prevent oversaturation, mineral build ups and root rot, since plants can’t reabsorb stagnant, unoxygenated feed.

You’ll also find it easy to reach the optimum run-off of 20 – 30%, so that minerals and salts don’t build up in your pot.

If you’re using RhizoPots, air will still reach and air prune roots so you get a stronger, healthier root network.

You can send the waste feed straight to a nearby drain or waste collection tray.

Both size RhizoStands connect to 25mm pipes, but you can use them with 13mm or 19mm pipes with the right connections.

Removes run-off before it gets reabsorbed
Prevents oversaturation, mineral build ups & root rot
No spillagesclean and efficient
Easy to use & cheap to buy
Exclusive to GroWell! Cannot buy elsewhere
• 37.5cm x 37.5cm x 11cm (Standard) or 52cm x 52cm x 12cm (XL)
Connects to 25mm pipes


If building a system from scratch, consider buying a RhizoSystem. They come with everything you need.

Otherwise, to connect each RhizoStand to 25mm pipework, you will need:

• 2 x 25mm IWS Washers
• 1 x 25mm IWS Nut
• 1 x 25mm IWS PRO Elbow OR 25mm IWS PRO Tee 

If gravity can’t be relied upon to direct the run-off, you will also need a RhizoSystem Brain to actively pump the run-off to your chosen location.

The base of the RhizoStand sits 75mm above the floor and slopes down towards a large outlet.

To draw run-off away, there are drainage channels in the base of each RhizoStand. These channels also allow air to enter RhizoPots and air prune roots!

Why get 20 – 30% run-off?

After watering your plants, you’ll notice that some of the feed gathers underneath your pots.

This is called ‘run-off’. It’s basically waste feed. Without it, salts, minerals and nutrients accumulate in your pot.

As a result, conditions can become toxic, and your plants will no longer be getting the right nutrient profile.

To flush out nutrients and salts that would otherwise have gathered in your pot, aim for a 20 – 30% run-off. Any less isn’t enough, any more is wasteful.

Why use a RhizoSystem with Run-off?

Run-off left to stagnate:

• May contain bacteria
• Is unoxygenated
• Contains salts and nutrients that was flushed out of your growing media

Unless you remove it’ll get reabsorbed by your plants.

As a result, you can end up with poor nutrient absorption, root problems and even root rot. Plants roots also become oversaturated! 

Use RhizoStands and all run-off will be drained away before any of this can happen.

Make sure that your Brain is level with (or lower than) your RhizoStands.

1. Assemble your RhizoStands

• Connect a BSP Elbow (end of line) or Tee fixing (other stands in a line) to each stand
• This will allow you to connect the stand to Iceline Pipes
• Make sure you use 2 washers and a nut to connect each Tee and Elbow

2. Create your lines of stands

• We recommend creating up 6 lines of 12 stands
• You can connect stands together using Iceline Piping
• Make sure the pipe is pushed on fully
• Stands with elbow fixings will need to be at one end of a line
• The other end of each the line will need to be connected to the RhizoSystem Brain
• Use blanking caps to cover unused inlets

3. Your RhizoSystem Brain

• Make sure it is plugged into your mains power supply at all times
• Connect 13mm of pipe with a non-return valve to your pump outlet

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