Maxibright LED 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m Complete Kit

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From £939.95
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Maxibright LED 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m Complete Kit


Get a lot of light for your cash – grab a Maxibright LED Kit.

The LED has a reportedly whopping:

Cost per µmol, that’s incredible! 

With this kit, you get:

  • 1 x Maxibright Daylight LED Grow Light - 660W
  • 1 x XL Grow Tent
  • 1 x 125mm extraction kit (fan + power cable + ducting + filter + duct clips)
  • 1 x 5m Chain
  • 5 x ‘S’ Hooks
  • 1 x Heavy Duty Timer

Maxibright LED Grow Light

You get a 660W Maxibright Daylight LED Grow Light.

Maxibright LED Grow LightMaxibright LED Grow Light

Maxibright Daylight LED Grow Light

The fixture itself is almost 1.2m x 1.2m – all plants in your tent will be directly under your light source. This means you get uniform intensity with no hot or cold spots.

  • Dimming dial: 30% - 100% (no controllers needed)
  • PPF: 1518 µmol S -1
  • Coverage: 1.2m x 1.2m - 1.5mx 1.5m
  • 8 x LED bars: uniform distribution
  • LED Bars slide & tilt (30o) to optimise light spread
  • Osram & Lumileds LED chips
  • Plug & play: 1 person installation

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Tent Option

You get a BAY6 1.2m x 1.2m Grow Tent. The size and shape is perfect for 1 x 660W Maxibright Daylight LED Grow Light.

BAY6 XL TentBAY6 XL Tent

BAY6 XL Tent

  • Silver interior: 95% reflective silver mylar
  • Strong frame: metal poles + plastic corners
  • Easy access: multiple draw string ports
  • Bargain: decent build for low cost
BudBox XL TentBudBox XL Tent

BudBox XL Tent

  • White interior: reflective + even temperature
  • Steel frame & corners:  supports 50Kg 
  • Lightproof canvas: with a tight weave and light baffles
  • Heavy Duty Zips & door clips: no velcro on doors 
  • Extra access: 20% larger ports + more doors, ports & socks

Extraction Option

The difference between each kit is the fan and filter.

Eco Extraction KitEco Extraction Kit

Eco Extraction Kit

You get a reliable, long-life RVK fan and a Prima Klima carbon filter. 

Moves 220m3 per hour 

  • 1 x RVK125A1 Extractor Fan 
  • 1 x Power Cable + Plug
  • 1 x PK Carbon Filter (BF240)
  • 1 x 5m Combi Ducting
  • 3 x Duct Clips
RAM Mixed-Flow Extraction KitRAM Mixed-Flow Extraction Kit

RAM Mixed-Flow Extraction Kit

You don't need to wire your fan - it's plug & play. You can also flip between two speed settings. 

Moves 248m3 or 284m3 per hour

  • 1 x 125mm RAM Mixed-Flow Fan  
  • Power cable inc with fan
  • 1 x BAY6 Carbon Filter (125/300)
  • 1 x 5m Combi Ducting

Controller Option

Slow or speed up fans to control your grow temperature – grab a Fan Speed Controller.



  • Manually adjust fan speeds
  • Simple controls (large dial)
  • Plug & play
Control Freak SingleControl Freak Single

Control Freak Single

  • Automatically adjust fan speed (3m temp sensor included)
  • 1°C temp changes
  • 50 speed settings

About Maxibright Daylight LED - 660W

LED Bars Vs. LED Lenses

The Maxibright Daylight LED uses 8 x LED bars instead of LED lenses.

LEDs lenses are used by some fixtures to distribute light to plants.

LED bars position LEDs physically above all plants, and beam light downwards.

The Maxibright Daylight LED is almost 1.2m x 1.2m in size! All plants in this area are directly under a light source, so you don’t get hot or cold spots. Since light isn’t directed out and away from the fixture, you also lose less light to walls.

LED Efficiency Vs. Fixture Efficiency

What’s the difference?

  • 2.8µmol per Watt is the combined efficiency of the actual LEDs used in the unit.
  • 2.3µmol per Watt is the reported actually output once assembled into a fixture.

It is the actual output (2.3µmol per Watt) you need to use when comparing to other lights.

Full Spectrum LED

Osram & Lumileds LEDs are used to create a broad light spectrum with lots of UV & far red.

  • Lumiled White LED: 2.7 μmols s-1 W-1
  • Osram Red LED: 3.1 μmols s-1 W-1
  • Overall average LED efficiency: 2.8 μmols s-1 W-1
  • Fixture efficiency: 2.3 μmols s-1 W-1

This creates a full spectrum light that’s white to look at.

With a spectrum like that at 2.3µmol per W, you’re going to really enhance your yield and quality. 

Passive Cooling

Heat is dissipated passively to cool your Maxibright LED. No noisy internal fans are used. This keeps your unit quiet. With no moving parts, you also prolong the life of your unit & seriously reduces the failure rate.

Efficient - Extra Yield, Similar Power

At 2.3μmol per W, you get way more plant usable light than you do from high end HPS lights (typically 1.9μmol)!

Remember, a 1% light increase is around a 1% yield increase. So if you have already have a 600W HPS, you can get a bigger yield in the same area. All without increasing your energy usage or heat output. Since you’re not kicking out any extra heat, extraction costs won’t rise either. 

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