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What Makes Tropic Mix Great?

What Makes Tropic Mix Great?

Alex Grady

Tropic Mix and Tropic Bat Mix are bloomin' great. These two new growing medias are very popular with soil growers. Why are they so good? Find out now.


Tropic Mix contains 60% peat per bag! But not just any peat... 

Tropic Mix

You see, peat can come from various sources in various grades. The type ranges from coarse to fine. Coarse peat drains more quickly - fine peat holds more water.

Fine grade Irish peat is used in Tropic Mix - so it'll hold a lot of water!

Perlite Free

Most potting soils use perlite, but that's where Tropic is different!

Perlite mixes are difficult to dispose of - so you don't need to worry about that!

Instead, Tropic uses 40% coco.


Tropix Mix contains high grade coco - this is what gives it its light and airy structure!

It has a low CF/EC and is pre-buffered with calcium before being mixed.

Nutritional Content

The nutrional content is well-balanced and from mineral-based sources. This means it's nutrients are readily available for good establishment.

Tropic's got a CF of 14 (EC of 1.4) - you can transplant cuttings straight into the media without shocking or over-fertilising plants.

Tropic Mix

In fact, a large-scale chilli grower tested the product and found that putting seeds directly into the media was not detrimental to their progress at all.


You won't have to worry about pH dips and spikes with Tropic Mix! Lime has been added to raise the pH to the ideal 6.5.

Unlike other potting soils, Tropic Mix contains a high quality magnesium limestone. This balance the pH and is a rich supply of calcium and magnesium!

In fact, the Ca and Mg in Tropic Mix is at the ideal ratio of 2:1. Both the Calcium and Magnesium are slow release, so they are available to plants for over 9 months!

Watering Tropic Mix

This media has similar to coco - it holds a similar amount of water. BUT Tropic is much easier to work with.

Just apply water for the first 2 weeks during establishment!

Tropic Mix

As with any potting mix, water your plants until run-off appears. Aim for an initial target run-off of 5-10%

Other benefits

Tropic Mix contains no woody materials - this'll help you avoid pesky fungus gnats!

There are also no coarse chunks of peat or wood. You could put the media through a fine soil sieve and wouldn't catch much at all!

It's suitable for use with both organic and mineral nutrients, so you've got a good degree of flexibility and choice.

Conveniently, the media's packaged in a durable, plain, black bag with an easily removable label.

Tropic Mix vs. Tropic Bat Mix

Tropic Mix & Tropic Bat Mix are very similar. They have the same ratio of peat and coco, the same magnesium limestone and the same target pH.

The only difference is that Tropic Bat Mix is fertilised with Guanokalong Bat Guano!

Tropic Mix

Bat Guano Benefits

  • High Phosphorus levels improve root development
  • Slow release P and K will encourage good flower development
  • Widely accepted that Bat Guano improves flavours
  • Relases nutrients slowly over an 8-12 week period


Tropic Bat Mix uses 350g of Guanokalong, plus a small amount of mineral nutrition to balance NPK and to give an initial kick of nutrients as the bat guano will take around a week to start releasing.


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