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ROOTS Circling? Break the Cycle! [Air Prune Roots]

ROOTS Circling? Break the Cycle! [Air Prune Roots]

Alex Grady

Want ripped roots with lots of tips? You need to air prune roots! 

It stops root circling and encourages root branching! 

What's air pruning?

Roots grow in one direction, until they hit air.

When they hit air, the root tip dehydrates and forward growth stops.

The shock of this forces roots to start branching. This is called air pruning.

Lots of air pruning

With air pruned roots, you get a denser root network with more root tips. This means nutrient absorpiton and overall growth both increase.

  • Nutrient uptake increases
  • Water absorption rises
  • Roots can support bigger plants
  • Overall yield increases

No air pruning

Roots that haven't been air pruned don't branch as well. More roots grow towards the edge of pots, and circle round and round.

  • Fewer root tips for nutrient & water absorption
  • Wasted central space (and nutrients!)
  • Roots that are more likely to suffer if it becomes hot
  • Slower overall growth

How to Air Prune

To air prune roots, you need a fabric pot (like a RhizoPot), that lets air reach your rootzone...

With RhizoPots

RhizoPots are made from a breathable fabric that allows air to prune roots.


When roots reach the edge of your pot, they also hit air and dry.


The shock of this forces plants to start sprouting secondary roots


This process keeps repeating, creating a strong root network, with lots of root hairs to absorb nutrients and water.


As roots branch, they get access to the nutrients and water in central space.
Roots are stronger, plants get bigger

Picking a Media

For best results, pair these pots with a light, airy media.

Clay Pebbles and Perlite are great for improving air content.

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