Clay Pebbles

Clay Pebbles

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Clay Pebbles - 10 Litres

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For an airy growing media that improves drainage & rooting – use Gold Label Hydro XL 10/20 Clay Pebbles.

They’re expanded clay pebbles with a ceramic outer layer.

They’re clean, pH neutral & pH stable. You can also reuse them once….just make sure you grow with Cannazym and clean your pebbles with Oxy-Plus 11.9% after your crop.

They hardly hold onto any water – great for drainage. And the airy structure leaves lots of space for roots to grow into. If growing hydroponically, they’re a must.

Use them on their own or mix them with another growing media to improve drainage & structure. Some even use them to cover and protect the media in pots.

If using AutoPots, adding a 1 – 1.5” layer of clay pebbles to the bottom of each pot works wonders for drainage!

Airy growing media
Improves drainage & structuring
Airy rooting environment
Clean, pH neutral & pH stable
Use alone, or mix with another growing media (e.g. soil, coco, cellmax)
Can be reused once (grow with Cannazym & clean with Oxy-Plus 11.9%)
• A must in hydroponic systems

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