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Gold Label HydroCorn Clay Pebbles

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Gold Label HydroCorn Clay Pebbles - 45 Litres Code: 82
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10 x Gold Label HydroCorn Clay Pebbles - 45 Litres (mini pallet) Code: 5030
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Gold Label HydroCorn Clay Pebbles


Improve drainage & rooting with Gold Label Hydrocorn.

They're expanded clay pebbles. They're light and porous, create an airy rooting environment.

  • 8 - 16mm clay pebbles
  • EC & pH stable
  • RHP Certified

Use them on their own, or mix them with other medias to improve structure. Some growers even use them to cover and protect the media in pots.

PH & EC Stable

Clay pebbles are totally inert

Free Draining

They're a must in any hydro system.

Unique, Uneven Shape

This way, pebbles have a larger surface area and can hold more nutrient

Can Be Reused

Just make sure you use Cannazym and wash pebbles with Silver Bullet Roots

Excellent Rooting

There's lots of air for roots to grow into.

How To Use

If using AutoPots, add a 1 – 1.5” layer of pebbles to the bottom of each pot to improve drainage!

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