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Telos LEDs – How & Where it’s Made [VIDEO]

Telos LEDs – How & Where it’s Made [VIDEO]

Alex Grady

Telos LED grow lights are mind-blowing. It’s no wonder when you look at the tech involved!

  • Hand-assembled & tested in the UK
  • IP66 Rated water and dust protection
  • Reliable and robust with an 85,000 hour lifespan
  • High quality CREE LED emitters & Meanwell drivers
  • Upgradeable modular design
  • Unique optical design for even distribution

Watch them being hand-assembled & tested in the video below. We took this footage during a tour of Telos HQ - their attention to detail is incredible! They even use custom tools for precision assembly.

Optical Design! (Even light intensity)

In-house experts have come up with a specialist optical design that’s unique for horticulture. Basically, the optical design acts like your traditional reflector. That said, you won’t ever need to change the optic parts as there is no degradation like you get with reflectors.

The optics are made from plexiglass, a specialist material with 94% light transmission! Each optic comprises of 24 smaller optical lenses that are mounted across two LED boards, each with 12 LED’s.

Each optic uses a total internal reflection design which captures the light emitted from the LED and distributes it evenly. Overall, you get uniform coverage, and you don’t need as many LEDs/light sources to cover the same area evenly.

Most LEDs have Lambertian distribution, where there are no optics. In these units, your light spread is concentrated in the centre of your grow room, directly underneath the LED unit.

CREE 2mm2 LED Emitters

CREE’s latest LEDs are used. These harness XP-G3 (photo-red) and XPG3 (white) LEDs to create full spectrum lighting.

Overall, the colour from Telos lights is 86 CRI @ 3000 Kelvin. That’s incredibly close to sunlight, which is 100 CRI.

Meanwell drivers

Meanwell are market leaders for the manufacture of efficient switch-mode power supplies. They have worldwide certification and are known for being reliable and efficient.

Quiet, Passive Cooling

Extruded aluminium heat sink passively vent heat up and out of your unit.

The graphite thermal conductive interface materials in each Telos quickly help conduct the heat away from the LED and into this heat sink. This material is far more conductive, consistent and clean than the silicon grease most LEDs use.

Rigorous Testing

Telos units are placed into a testing station. Here, they’re switched on and left running for 2 hours.

Using cameras and a screen, all Telos LEDs are visually inspected while they’re still running. Each individual diode is checked, to make sure they’re all illuminated and working.

There has never been a failed diode yet in a Telos light and any manufacturing defaults can be spotted.

Once the all clear has been given, lights are switched off, left to cool then packed in a box.

IP66 Waterproof & Dustproof

Silicon gaskets are fitted around the optics to keep it waterproof.

All screws are made of stainless steel, coated in a specialist nonconductive coating to stop any corrosion between the different metal materials if the unit becomes wet.

In a humid grow room, this is exactly what you need.

Custom tools used

To ensure the unit is assembled to precision standards, Telos make and use specialised tools. Even the hanging cable is tightened using a specialist torque wrench! Now that’s attention to detail.

Material Control

Telos put a lot of energy into making sure the raw materials, the source and the fabricators they work with are the best quality. They make sure that the consistency and constant improvement model they adopt in-house is applied to their entire supply chain. This means the end product the customer receives is perfect every time.

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