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Spring Checklist: 3 Things you Need To Do

Stay ahead of the heat: Preparing for Summer Growing

Alex Grady

Temperatures are climbing, bugs are breeding… get your grow room ready with this checklist.

1. Prevent Pests

Pests are a big problem when the weather’s warm, and they can have a field day with your plants. Halt the bug invasion:

Fumigate your grow room with a smoke bomb between crops

Try an Insecto Smoke Bomb - they kill all common types of insects. Just make sure there are no plants in your growing area when you do this.

Summer growing - insect smoke bombs

Place bug blockers on your intake fans

To keep temperatures down, you’ll need to draw in a lot of cool air. Don’t draw pests in as well – use a bug blocker! They cost as little as £9.99 each!

Summer growing - bug blocker

Suspend sticky traps from tent poles, plant branches & pot tops

They help you catch & identify flying insects - you’ll be amazed by how many little beasties get stuck to these things.

Summer growing - insect traps

Check for pests every 5 days

Even if you follow every other step, pests can still sneak in. Use a magnifying glass to get a close look at plants and their leaves when you check for:

  • Spider Mites: yellow spots on plant leaves
  • Thrip Larvae: silvery grey trails along leaf tops and small black deposits
  • Fungus Gnats: small, slow moving black flies
  • Leaf Miner: colour loss and leaf imperfections
  • Aphids: leaf and stem deformities and a sticky substance on leaves (Read more here)

Introduce Spider Mite Predator Sachets every 3 – 4 weeks

They slowly release predators over 2 weeks. Having them there prevents problems from occurring - just 1 - 2 sachets per plant should do the trick. Best of all, they're super cost effective per sachet!

Summer growing - spider mite predators

2. Think About Your Climate

If you start a crop now, by the end of your grow it'll be summer. Maintaining your target temperature and humidity will get much tougher, so you need to pay a lot more attention to your environment:

Invest in a temperature and humidity meter, if you don’t have one already

Your temperature should be 24oC - 28oC (day/lights on) or 22oC - 23oC (night/lights off). Aim for a humidity of 70 – 85% (propagation), 65 – 75% (vegging) or 45 – 65% (flowering).

Upgrade your fans if you need to

You may need to buy a bigger, faster, more powerful extractor fan ready for summer. Don't wait until the start of summer to do this - you'll be in the middle of a growing cycle and plants will be in your way. It'll be much easier to change your fan and filter now, before starting a new crop.

 summer growing - extraction upgrade

Buy additional fans for air movement

We’re talking about clip on fans & pedestal fans – they don’t cost much but make a big difference. They boost air circulation in your tent and around plants. You can even point them directly at lamps and reflectors for spot cooling.

Try using a fan speed controller

You need to exchange more air when your grow room's hot, and less air when it's cool. With a fan speed controller, you can choose how fast your fans go to keep your temperature inside the ideal range. The best ones to use are temperature controlled - they automatically speed up if your room needs cooling.

3. Clean Your Grow Room

Fungi, bacteria, diseases and pests thrive in summer. Keep them at bay with a sterile grow room.

Sterilise your room, system & equipment between crops

You can use Silver Bullet Mist for this.

Consider replacing used propagators

Even if you’ve cleaned them, used propagators can be a breeding ground. It’s good practice to replace your propagators after using them 3 times or more.

Clean the space around your growing area too

Otherwise, anything lurking there will quickly sneak into your growing area.

Silver Bullet

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