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[Reflective Sheeting] Like a Mirror on the Wall

[Reflective Sheeting] Like a Mirror on the Wall

Alex Grady

Growing indoors? Even if you've got a tent, you need reflective sheeting to:

  • Keep natural light out
  • Stop grow light seeping out your home
  • Prevent feed getting too warm (wrap it around pots and nutrient tanks)

Here's what you need to know about different types of sheeting.

Types of reflection

There are two types of reflection you need to think about:

Specular Reflection

This is where a ray of light is mirrored back at the same angle it arrived at.

Almost every type of reflective sheeting is made from natural specular material, including:

Diffuse Reflection

This is where a rough reflective surface causes light to scatter off in infinite, unpredictable directions, resulting in uniform and wides coverage.

We only sell one type of diffuse reflective sheeting:

Only 6% of the light emitted by your lamp is absorbed upon reflection. The rest is bounced back, unchanged in colour to your plants.


Black sheeting absorbs light. Silver and white reflect light.

Black sheeting

Since black sheeting is so great at absorbing light, it's great for stopping light seeping out of your growing area.

Silver vs. White

Silver tends to reflect more light BUT you're more likely to get hot spots.

White sheeting reflects light much more evenly.


For lining floors, you want a nice, thick sheeting (Reflex Total Blackout is best).

A thinner sheeting ticks the box if you're lining walls. Reflex Mylar Reflective Sheeting is a good shout. It's actually so thin that you can see through it if you hold it up to the light.

Double or Single Sided?

Single sided sheeting is fine for covering things like tanks and pots.

If you're lining walls and windows, or creating a partition in your tent, double sided sheeting is what you need.


Reflex Total Blackout Sheeting is best for partitions.

It has two layers of white, so both sides of the partition are reflective. To stop rays of light seeping out of one section and into another, it has a black inner layer to absorbs lights.

Diamond vs. Mylar

Diamond Sheeting is actually very similar to Mylar, only it has backing, and is embossed with a diamond pattern.

This pattern improves light distribution and helps prevent hot spots.

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