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ORCA Grow Film

ORCA Grow Film

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ORCA Grow Film - 10m pre-rolled

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Like the artist who suddenly finds a moment of divine inspiration, your decision to deck walls with new ORCA Grow Film could radically change future fortunes forever! This unique and exciting product consists of a highly reflective, highly diffused surface that’s been designed to distribute light incredibly evenly across all plants whilst ensuring dreaded hot spots don’t develop. ORCA Grow Film offers stunning 94% reflectivity – making it the top performing grow room sheeting currently available – and reassuringly guarantees all of the light reflected from your lamps maintains the original colour spectrum. The material used to create ORCA Grow Film is extremely durable, puncture and tear resistant, waterproof, UV protected and 100% light tight. Rolls of ORCA Grow Film are 1.4m wide.

Q & A

Questions and Answers (2)

How does it perform with LED grow lights?
In terms of reflectivity, the Orca Grow Film will perform equally well with LED lights, however, in our experience, LEDs still have some way to go before they give comparable results to HID lighting.

Written by SL | 20 Jul 2011

hi growell what is the width of the orca sheeting
It is 1.4 metres wide.

Written by TB | 5 May 2011