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[Hot Weather Alert!!] Easy Ways to Beat the Heat

[Hot Weather Alert!!] Easy Ways to Beat the Heat

Alex Grady

It's that time of year again. Temperatures spike and grow rooms overheat. If your grow room's getting too hot, here's what you can do.

1. Grow Lights

Your lights kick out the most heat in your grow room. Unless you want to cook your plants, follow these tips:

Run Lights At Night

This is the coolest time of day! Since fans don't have to work as hard, running costs should drop.

Swap To Cooler Lights

Lots of growers like switching to LED lights in summer - we ran a test and found your room will run a few degrees lower by doing this.

Keep Ballasts Outside

Keep them (and the heat they produce) outside your grow room.

Use A Dimmable Ballast

Dimmable ballasts are digital. Digital ballasts already emit less heat than magnetic ones running at full power. To reduce heat output further, they'll dim lights right down to 250W.

Raise Lights

Lights are a big source of heat - raise them up and away from your canopy if your grow room gets too hot.

2. Ventilation

The obvious thing to do is to extract more air. You can also:

Use A Speed Controller

With a speed controller, fans will automatically speed up when your grow room needs cooling.

Be Aware Of Intake Air

If the air outside your grow room is hotter than the air in it, first make sure you're drawing air in from the coolest place inside your property. If nowhere is cool enough, you might need to switch intake fans off. Otherwise you'll just be heating your grow room further.

Replace Carbon Filters

Replace your carbon filter at the start of summer so pressure drop is at its lowest. At the very least, replace the carbon filter sleeve to reduce air resistance due to dust build up.

Straighten Ducting

This streamlines your airflow. Make sure you use metal bends rather than depending on twisted ducting.

Overspec Fans

Buy a fan that's more powerful than you need it to be. Then in summer, you've got room to speed it up when you need to. In winter doing this should reduce running costs if you use an EC Controller or Control Freak as fans don't have to work as hard to cool your room.

Target Hot Appliances

A small Black Orchid fan can be used to suck hot air away from appliances. Even if the appliance is outside your tent, you still want to cool it, otherwise you'll be warming intake air. If the appliance is in your tent, duct any hot air through a carbon filter. If it's outside your tent, duct straight out of your window.

3. Circulator Fans

To help stop hot microclimates forming, use air circulator fans.

Cool Appliances

Point them at anything that gets hot - like chillers, lights, ballasts. Even if the appliance is outside your tent, it'll still be warming intake air - make sure you cool it. If circulator fans aren't cooling it enough, use an inline fan to duct air through a carbon filter or out of a window.

Aim Them At Corners

Some of our low profile options will help you get at nooks, crannies and corners. Otherwise they'll become very hot and humid - a breeding ground for mould.

Avoid Your Canopy

If you point them directly at the tops of leaves you can cause windburn. The DiffuseAir is great for preventing this.

4. CO2 Levels

Remember how photosynthesis works?

Light + CO2 + Water = Energy

If plants have the light and water but not the CO2, they can become stressed.

Add CO2 to ensure photosynthesis can continue at a really high rate. This'll increase growth and help plants cope with high

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