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Cold War Heroes - How to Use Nutrient Heaters

Cold War Heroes - How to Use Nutrient Heaters

Alex Grady

Don't let your roots get chilly - unless you want plants to get stressed & struggle.

It's quick & easy to keep roots warm - a Heavy Duty Nutrient Heater will do the trick. Here's how to use them.

Pick a Size

You need 1W per Litre of nutrient - e.g. if you have a 150L tank, you need a 150W nutrient heater.

Or, in other words:

Number of Heaters
50 Watt 150 Watt 300 Watt
Up to 50 Litres 1
Up to 150 Litres 1
Up to 300 Litres 1

If your tank is larger than 300 Litres, just buy multiple heaters.

Setting Up

Whatever size you've got, the instructions are practically the same.

Step 1

Add suction cups

Remove from packaging and clip on the suction cups, if not attached already

Step 2

Add suction cups

Plug into a suitable socket (switched off)

Step 3

Add suction cups

Place it horizontally at the base of your system / tank, and push down gently so the suction cups stick in place.

Step 4

Add suction cups

Twist the dial at the top of the heater to set your temperature - we recommend aiming for around 20oC.

Step 5

Add suction cups

Turn on the mains suppy and leave your heater running at all times

Step 6

Make sure your nutrient solution never drops below your nutrient heater

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